PlayStation Console Remote Player Project Q Is Officially Called PlayStation Portal, Available To Order Now

The PlayStation Console companion device that was known as Project Q which we had a sneak peek in May is now officially known as PlayStation Portal Remote Player. For those who don’t already know, PlayStation Portal is NOT a handheld gaming console. It is as the product name suggests, a remote play device that lets …

Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark Edition Sells For US$250, Will Be Available On September 01

Remember the retro handheld gaming device, Analogue? Of course, you do remember because this little fun gadget made fans waited for like forever before it finally began shipping out in batches in December 2021. The company said that all pre-orders will be shipped starting on August 28.

PlayStation Console Companion Gaming Device Project Q And PlayStation’s First TWS Earbuds

There was a surprise reveal at the PlayStation Showcase this week. Among all the game titles showcased, Sony offered a sneak peek at two new official PlayStation hardware, namely, a handheld console code name Project Q device and a pair of TWS earbuds.

Check Out This Working LEGO Game Boy Advanced SP By Retro Stash Repairs

Here’s a custom Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP that I never dreamt of seeing: a functioning LEGO Game Boy Advance SP by Miguel aka Retro Stash Repairs. The build isn’t about sticking LEGO plates on an existing case, btw. That would bulk the device up and prevent access to the buttons. Instead, Miguel uses the …

Auspicious Machine Is A Pocket-sized Linux PC With Game Controllers And A Blackberry Aesthetic

A one-man operation startup known as “Rich” (Fugui, or 富贵 in Chinese) has developed a new open-source portable and modular pocket-sized computer for Linux developers. Dubbed “Auspicious Machine”, the device is developed for Linux-based operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, et cetera.