Fanatec The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2

You must be a mega fan of Formula 1 to be wanting the Fanatec The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2. It is a gaming steering wheel that is a replica of a steering wheel as used in Formula race cars and while you are free to use it with non-F1 racing games, it’d feel …

Limited Edition Boba Fett Razer Xbox Controller: Do We Really Need To Say More?

Razer has given its Xbox controller the Boba Fett makeover. The Limited Edition Boba Fett Razer Xbox Controller features a cosmetic inspired by the colors of the helmet of galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter – complete with nice weathering effects and scuffs – as seen in the latest spin-off series, The Book of Boba Fett.

G-Case Is A Gundam-inspired Gaming Case That Keeps Your Switch Juiced Too

Like smartphones and tablets, the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED need a case to keep them in pristine condition. After all, it is a portable device. That said, if you are going to put on a case, then why not put on one that does more than protecting the device?

NYXI Transparent Joy-pad for Nintendo Switch: Larger, Transparent, And RGB Lights

Nintendo Switch is almost the perfect console – if not for my gorilla hands that make the Joy-con feel puny. That said, if you have gorilla hands like me, or just want to step up your game, then perhaps NYXI Transparent Joy-pad for Nintendo Switch may be able to help.

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Steering Wheel: Only Serious Drivers Need To Apply

Get ready for the next installment of the real driving simulator, the Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 with a proper simulator rig. I am not sure what you are going to get for the seat but if you are planning on getting an official steering wheel, the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD …

Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Gaming Mouse: Do We Need To Say More?

A gaming mouse can make or break a game. If you concur with the statement, then a gaming mouse designed in collaboration with one of the best first-person shooter gamers in the world would be a no-brainer. If so, I am pretty sure the super-serious gamer you will appreciate the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Gaming …

This Driving Simulator Steering Wheel Can Also Be Used In A Real Race Car

While gaming peripheral makers are striving to make their gaming steering wheels as realistic as possible, Fanatec and BMW Motorsport took it to the next level by developing a steering wheel that can be used as a driving simulator hardware as well as an actual steering wheel on the 2022 BMW M4 GT3 race car.

Seagate 1TB Xbox Game Drive External USB SSD And Seagate Game Drive Xbox Halo Infinite

Running out of storage on your Xbox? Fret not because Seagate will have you covered with the new Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD 1 TB. With this 1 TB external drive, you can store all your titles from Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, any generation of Xbox One, and Game Pass and play …

This Is The World’s First Laser-Targeting Gun-Shaped Controller Designed Specifically For FPS Gaming

It has a been while since we last saw a gun-shaped game controller. The last one we saw was a buildable AR toy gun and that is for an AR game (which can work perfectly without the gun controller). I guess in today’s FPS, there is really no need for a gun controller.