GravaStar Sirius Pro Neon Green Version: Still Has The Cyberpunk Vibe But Only More Cheerful [Review]

If you have been following this blog, you would have known we have nothing but good words about the GravaStar Sirius Pro. It has great sound and its aesthetic is unlike any earbuds out there. Oh, yeah, we have gotten ourselves yet another pair, this time in Neon Green. Perhaps we did not say it …

Here Are Three New Pairs Of TWS Earbuds From Yamaha With Listening Care Technology

It is no secret that prolonged usage of earphones at high volume increases the risk of damaging the hearings. But headphones makers don’t really care. It is rightfully the responsibility of users. Not Yamaha though. Starting with the TW-E3B, the company is determined to care for users’ hearing and do so without sacrificing audio performance.

Sony LinkBuds S TWS Earbuds Want You To Have A “Never Off” Experience

Sony’s “anti-active noise cancellation” earphones, LinkBuds, is now joined by a new family member, Sony LinkBuds S. However, unlike LinkBuds, it does offer noise cancellation while touting a “Never Off” experience that lets you stay connected to the online and offline worlds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Poké Ball Case Bundle: Not For Catching Pokémon

Poké Ball is to Pokémon like lightsaber is to Star Wars. It is one of the most iconic objects to emerge from the Pokémon franchise. Meanwhile, in the real world, it not only lets you catch Pokémon like it was meant to be (yes, really!), it was a lunchbox, a Pokémon shrine-worthy collectible, a power …

Google Pixel Buds Pro: ANC, Finally!

If the lack of active noise cancellation has prevented you from buying the Google Pixel Buds or the Google Pixel Buds A Series TWS earbuds, then perhaps the new Google Pixel Buds Pro may entice you. That’s right. There is a new Pixel Buds in town and also yes, Google’s earbud is finally blessed with …

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones: The Next-Level Of Noise-Cancelation

The much-lauded “gold standard of noise-canceling headphones”, the Sony WH-1000MX4, finally has a follow-up. In addition to bettering what it does best, i.e. industry-leading noise-canceling, the new Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones also promised exceptional sound and industry-leading call quality.

Red Magic x Transformers Gaming Smartphones And Accessories Unveiled

Red Magic has just concluded the official reveal of the Red Magic x Transformers collaborations. To call it a Red Magic x Transformers Gaming Smartphone would not be appropriate because this collab extends beyond phones to include a bunch of optional accessories.

Ampere Dusk: App-enabled Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses

The brightness of the sun is never constant. It may be bright. It may not super bright but still glaring. Regular sunglasses will not be able to keep up with the varying degrees of brightness. This is where Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses want to make a difference.