I get it why PlayStation 5 gets the design it has now. The designers were probably going for the radical look. I mean, after all, it is the “next-generation” console. But the look there is either you love it or hate it. There is no way to be neutral about it.

Custom PlayStation 5 Enclosure by DIY Perks

Personally, I love it. Well, that’s until when I want to lay it on its side… it is… ermm, not the prettiest, TBH. As it turns out DIY Perks felt the same. But unlike me, he went about setting things right – by making a custom PlayStation 5 enclosure.

And the result? Well, lets just say that Sony could learn a thing or two from modders and makers like DIY Perks.

Custom PlayStation 5 Enclosure by DIY Perks

Anywho, DIY Perks choose to go with carbon fiber and American Walnut for the enclosure, and it turns out to be very classy. Though it does not quite express what the PS5 as next-generation console, but it works. It will definitely not stick out like a sore thumb amongst your home entertainment setup. Keep going and have a look at the build process. If you like all things beautiful, you will appreciate what this man did.

Images: YouTube (DIY Perks).

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