Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Screwdriver Kickstarter

The Arrowmax SES Pro is an electric screwdriver, but not quite the kind of power tool one might expect. It is designed for light duty power screwing (it sure feels weird saying that!) and it is loaded of technology, or at least that’s what we were told.

Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Screwdriver Kickstarter

Arrowmax SES Pro features Smart Motion Control that, automatically rotates in the direction of your twist. Not sure if this is even necessary, but it is a feature it has to offer.

In addition, it has Smart Torque Force that automatically adjust the torque based on the angle of hand rotation. No idea how that works. But I do know that you have the option of choosing from 5 levels of torque that ranges from 0.5 to 2.0

Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Screwdriver Kickstarter

The powered screwdriver further features an OLED display, variable speed, and it comes with a set of 4 mm 34 bits that magnetically attaches to the screwdriver.

TBH, I am not entirely sure how those fancy tech works. However, one thing I am sure is, it is super sleek and it is power tool that addresses the need for assisted screwing and unscrewing for light duty works, such as working on toys, electronic products et cetera.

Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Screwdriver Kickstarter

Personally, I am paranoia. I am constantly afraid of stripped screw head. It happens so often back those days when I repair motorcycles. But when it happens on a rugged machine, there’s always impact screwdriver that could save the day. I can’t say the same for electronics and toys.

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But if you think this Arrowmax SES Pro Electric Screwdriver could work for you and you have faith in this new kid on the block, you may secure a unit by pledging for a product on Kickstarter.

Prices start at 380 Hong Kong dollars (about US$49) for the SES Mini and 613 Hong Kong dollars for the SES Pro.

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All images courtesy of Arrowmax.