Evangelion Has A Bunch Of EVA Units-themed Work Tools, Not For Repairing EVA Units

Here’s a collection of Evangelion-themed Workson A.T. Field work tools for the hardcore fans of the cult anime serious. Like, you have to be super serious because, they ain’t cheap. But more on that in a jiffy.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Offers Torque In A Very Stylish Way

If everybody needs a screwdriver set in their life, I’d say the Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set from Taiwan-based design studio mininch would be it. Screwdriver with interchangeable tips is not new, but Spinner Drive stands out as one that rolled three screwdriver functions into one. It is a standard screwdriver, and it is also a […]

2nd Generation BiTool Now Gets A Super Cool Magnetic LED Flashlight

Remember the BiTool Magnetic Multi-tool from Cycop we spoke so highly of? Well, it is back with a new iteration and it is called BiTool 2.0 Lit. To be honest, we didn’t think BiTool needs any further tweaks, but the folks over at Cycop managed to find something to improve on. For starter, it is […]

Zeus Handy Tool Is Actually A Toolbox That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Whether you are a handyman by profession or just a regular DIYer, you probably would have amassed an uncountable number of tools. Of which, some were regrettably destined for one-time use. So, do you actually need a whole box of tools when we are out dealing with your daily fixing jobs? Probably. Cos’ you never […]

Handsome Carbon Fiber Cassette Puts Four Screwdrivers Of Your Choosing In Your Pocket

Screwdriver ranks among the most used tools. Almost everything that needs to be fixed, needs a screwdriver. However, there are so many types of bit out there that we often can’t do a simple wife-assigned task without lugging the whole damn toolbox. With the Cassette Carbon Fiber Multi-Tool, it kind of solves this. Granted, it […]

Screwdriver MINI is Tiny, But Serves Its Purpose with a Little Bit of Extra

Screwing job ranks among the most common thing execute by men (don’t think dirty!). Ok. Maybe that’s not true. We don’t have stats to back it up anyway, but regardless, if you find yourself digging through a dust-covered toolbox just for a screwdriver for some casual jobs, then the Screwdriver MINI by Screwpop is the […]

BiTool Multi-bit Ratchet’s Magnetized Body Keeps Mess From Happening

If you don’t do as much home improvement or DIY stuff, it is wise not to pile up your toolbox with the same tool in different sizes. It is a waste of money and not to mention, a pain to lug around when you just need to assemble a stool. Understanding this, a San Jose-based […]

Leatherman Rev Multi-tool Puts a Toolbox in Your Hand

We do a lot of silly things in life and that includes digging through our massive toolbox for a screwdriver for a simple screwing job. Worst. That Phillips screwdriver may be buried deep down, weighed down by loads of other tools. One. Simple. Job. Seem like not worth the effort, I mean, digging for a […]

Handsome Pen-style BitzBlade Multi-tool comes with a Miniature Survival Knife Blade and Window Punch

So you have your toolbox, but we bet it is stashed somewhere where it is not as conveniently accessible. By not ‘conveniently accessible’, we meant to say it would be hassle just to retrieve a screwdriver for a simple job. This is why there are multi-tools that you can keep by your side, so you […]

Pop-A-Point Pencil-style Tool Pen Got Struck by Shrink Gun, Becomes Tool Pen mini with Tougher Bits

First introduced last year, Tool Pen is sort of a multi-tool, but designed to deal with all manner of screwing jobs and it was the first of such tool that ultilizes the concept of pop-a-point pencil, meaning a bit is pop out to swap for the bit you desire. It was a brilliant concept which […]