If everybody needs a screwdriver set in their life, I’d say the Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set from Taiwan-based design studio mininch would be it. Screwdriver with interchangeable tips is not new, but Spinner Drive stands out as one that rolled three screwdriver functions into one. It is a standard screwdriver, and it is also a precision screwdrivers, as well as a T-handle screwdrivers. With Spinner Drive, mininch has devised a smart design that increases the torque instantly.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set by mininch

Torque, as physics have thought us, is rotational (or twisting) force calculated by the linear force multiply by the distance of the applied linear force from the axis of rotation. As such, the larger the diameter of a screwdriver handle (hence, there’s the T-handle screwdriver in the market), the less effort would be needed to tighten or loosen a stubborn screw.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set by mininch

Spinner Wheel offers this increase in torque in an elegant way, allowing your thumb and index finger to work the screwdriver with ease. The Spinner Wheel also result in an interesting feature. You can rapidly tighten or loosen a screw without the need for a powered screwdriver. Just spin the wheel to drive a screw in and it when it is done, you can take it the rest of the way if required. Pretty cool, eh? It is like a fidget spinner but with a functional purpose.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set by mininch

Additionally, ball-bearing integrated into the top allows you to continuously turn, smoothly, with just your middle finger and thumb as your index finger holds it in place like so:

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Other features include CNC machines slip-resistant grooves, 1/4-inch bit holder, built-in magnet for secure bit hold, and bits that are compatible with most power screwdrivers for non-impact applications. Each set of Spinner Drive Screwdriver include an aluminum bits storage cylinder that accommodates 9 driver bits, plus the Spinner Drive.

And there is a carrying case with precise cutouts to fit the entire set of Spinner Drive for bringing it around with absolute style. Spinner Drive is available in two styles: the standard edition and the tough edition. The former features S2 tool steel bits coated with manganese phosphate while the latter boasts SUS420 stainless steel bits with titanium nitride coating for even more protection against rust and corrosion, and increased edge retention.

Spinner Drive Screwdriver Set by mininch is available from Kickstarter at a discounted price starting at $39. The campaign is funded, btw, and so, yeah, any pledge for a product is a pre-order that has an estimated delivery in October 2019. Keep going for the pitch video.

All images courtesy of mininch.

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