Apparently, plants can play music, but if only plants could talk, then I wouldn’t have end up killing them. With the Wázai 2.0 smart planter, it completely eliminates the guesswork with growing plants.

Wázai 2.0 World’s Smartest Bonsai Kickstarter

Billed as the world’s smartest bonsai, Wázai 2.0 is a high-tech plant accessory works with an app to give you real-time advice like shading, watering, et cetera based on your local environment and the plant type.

A daylight sensor senses the amount of sunlight the plant is getting and if isn’t getting enough or two much sunlight, the app will offer the appropriate next course of action.

Wázai 2.0 will monitor and take the various factors into consideration to automatically keep perfect level of moisture in the soil for the plant.

Wázai 2.0 World’s Smartest Bonsai Kickstarter

A built-in reservoir with 1.8L capacity served as the source of water. All you need to do is to ensure the tank is topped. No worries if you forget because, the app will monitor the water level and alert you when it needed refilling.

The app will even work out how many days the remaining water can last. Wázai 2.0 can help when re-potting or when growing new plants.

Leveraging on the daylight sensor, it monitors the sunlight over three days and crosscheck with the huge plant database to recommend the most suitable plant caring suggestions.

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In addition, there is a vacation mode that will automatically work out the water necessary to keep the plant alive during the time when you are away.

Finally, the app offers a plant journey that automatically record the watering time and lets you manually input details like date of fertilization and flowering.

Wázai 2.0 is UV resistant and waterproof, and therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Wázai 2.0 World’s Smartest Bonsai Kickstarter

Wázai 2.0 smart planter is completely wireless, enabling flexibility in placement. It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth 5.0 and it is powered by 4 AA cells which should keep it running for up to six months.

Wázai 2.0 World’s Smartest Bonsai is available from Kickstarter where it can be had for US$69 and up. The campaign is funded and if all goes as planned, backers for a product should see delivery sometime in March 2021.

Images: Kickstarter (Wazai).

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