it is normal for human to have fear. we fear of ferocious animals and also the unseen, but we are probably not worried about plants. even sentient plants like the Venus Fly Trap don’t quite scare us away. why? because Little Shop of Horror don’t happen in real life. however, things might get a little creepy if you know that these plants actually plays music, well, not quite literally, but there’s a thing called the MIDI Sprout Biodata Sonification Device will measure small electric currents across the surface of the plant’s leaf and converts the fluctuations into MIDI notes and controls that can be read by synthesizers and computers.

the result is strangely alluring MIDI music that’s probably more calming than cicadas or cricket chirping. so effectively, plants do play music. turning out soothing natural sound, albeit being in MIDI format, is a nice touch, but it is the data that is going to take us a step closer in understanding what’s up with these leafy living things. well, unfortunately you won’t uncover the secret life of plants, neither will it shed light on any possibility of a leafy rebellion against humans who eat leaves and stems exclusively. i guess we will never know and who knows? perhaps one day it could talk too? then mankind will finally realize plants actually do have a life too and being vegan could be a sin too. that sucks. until then, you can just savor the seminal tunes these botanical life form has to offer.

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and oh, yes. you can actually buy this gadget and making your plants turn out music for you. it is available on Kickstarter with a starting price of $60. it will be yours sometime this November if the campaign reach its set funding goal.

p.s. we have to be honest. it feels a little creepy that the plant will react to your touch and your movement around them. just saying…

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