Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charging Pad

There are wireless charging pads and then there are wireless charging pads that aren’t boring. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charging Pad is the latter. Designed in the likeness of the galaxy’s most notorious freighter that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, this is a must-have any Star Wars nut. I think it is a perfect companion to the Millennium Falcon desk lamp.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charging Pad

Though it will be kind of straight to have two Millennium Falcon in a same setting. OK. I am babbling nonsense here. Moving on… It is not a new product, though. It was a 2019 product and hence, I do not expect it to support the latest fast charging.

Key features include highly detailed design of the Millennium Falcon, soft rubber charging pad, 10W and 7.5W fast wireless charging, USB-C port, and blue LED thruster lights that light up as the phone is being charged. Sweet. I don’t believe it has sound effect though.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charging Pad

It will work will Qi-enabled devices, such as Apple iPhone 8 and newer models and Samsung Galaxy S10 and new models, for examples.

Now, here’s the thing. Apparently, it is “only” available at GameStop for US$49.99. I supposed “only” is for the wireless charger with AC adapter.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charging Pad

Here’s the kicker. GameStop’s website has been cranky for a number of years. Numerous people have complained that the website isn’t working for them. No solutions seem to be working for many people to access GameStop website even if they are located in the U.S.

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If you are one of them (like myself), not all hope is lost because, a search online and you will find a bunch of them being sold on eBay and at times, cheaper too. We found one selling at US$34.99. You’re welcome.

Images: Disney/GameStop.

Hat tip: The Gadgeteer.