Good news, folks. We just got our hands on the much talked about Star Wars fans’ wet dream, the Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp. First thoughts: the quality is OK. Really nothing to shout about.

But there are two parts to the quality. First is the built and the second is the assembly. The build quality is definitely not too shabby. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars, but I can’t say the same for the assembly.

Oh, yeah, it does require some minor assembly, specifically the two springs on the upper structure and then fixing the main structure to the base. However, the latter is something that leaves much to be desired.

To be precise, it is somewhat loose. You will not notice it until you rotate the lamp structure. It is shaky enough to get my attention (read: trigger my OCD). Now that I know this, I am forever irked by it.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Review

TBH, I was not expecting any loose join for the kind of money it is asking.

The star of the show is, obviously, the hunk of junk up top. A short rod connects the spaceship from its underside to the main articulated lamp structure. It is really that simple.

Speaking of the underside, I think it could use a little details because it has none. What you get is a flat out underside with a slight concave that is void of any detail save for bunch of holes for the screws that hold the spaceship’s upper and lower halves together.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Review

The upper and around the side, which you see most of time, does have fair amount of the details. Details like, you know, the elevations, exhaust vents, radar dish and whatnot.

As I mentioned in my earlier product post, I thought that for such a futuristic vessel, it deserves more than just a run-of-the-mill Pixar lamp stand. Something like what Koncept has would be dope. Just saying…

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As far as posability goes, it is as advertised. The YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter itself can be rotated 360-degree on its horizontal axis as well as tilt up and down (pulling the Gs!), while the stand provides added adjustability like height and rotation up to a certain degree.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Review

On the illumination aspect, it is certainly not the brightest bulb on the porch, or in this case, the desk, like quite literally. Or at least I find that it isn’t as bright as I needed. I think there are a couple of factors that of the lackluster brightness, so to speak.

Firstly, it is a narrow strip of light after all and secondly, it didn’t help that the light is fairly deep inside the spaceship (but looks freaking cool!).

But lets get real. Star Wars fans probably don’t get this for sole for the function. I, on the other hand, hope for both form and function. As you can see from the photos, I do need the light.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Review

So, is it worth the £49.99/$84.99. About that… lets just say that only die-hard fans need to apply.

While I may lament about the assembly quality and the brightness, but the truth is, the sight of the Millennium Falcon hovering on my desk does put a smile on my face. I guess I am kind of a die-hard fan.

But seriously, it really could use some underside details. Now that I realize this ‘shortcoming’, I cannot unsee it. It bothers me.

If only I could find a toy that is of the same scale and transplant the lower half to this lamp… Yes, I admit. I do need to seek help for my OCD.

You can find the Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp selling on Firebox and Merchoid for £49.99 and $84.99, respectively.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp Review

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