AusAir Pollution And Viral Filtration Mask Follow Up Review: Many Improvements, But…

Face masks. Our favorite topic for 2020 and I suspect, for 2021 too. Today we are revisiting the AusAir Pollution and Viral Filtration Mask which we have reviewed last November. I felt like it would be a crime not to do a follow up review because, damn, this is one company that take their product […]

Follow By Edgee AI-powered Camera Mount: Your Personal Camera Person For The Cheap

Unless you are making a lot of money from YouTube, making contents for will likely be a one-person show. This means, you are the host/star, the editor, the director, and the cameraman. Thankfully, there is a thing called Follow by Edgee that will fill in the last role.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 80 TWS Earbuds: Excellent Movie Performance [Review]

We are back with another true wireless earbuds review. Yes, it is another one from TaoTronics and this time, its the new TaoTronics SoundLiberty 80. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 80 may be an affordable TWS earbuds, but it has one premium feature that is missing from some more expensive true wireless earbuds.

Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure: Huge And Very Posable [Review]

Remember Bandai Dynaction Evangelion Unit-01 Figure that we said no fans should ignore? Well, we managed to secure a copy. In fact, I had it for a couple of weeks now, but decided to do a mini review today to, you know, mark the beginning of a new year. Anyways, lets get on with the […]

New Bandai Digimon DigiVice: Just As Addictive And Fun As It Was Over 20 Years Ago [Review]

Never mind if Digimon is a distance memory for you because, the wave 3 of Digimon devices from Bandai will sure to flood you with a sense of nostalgia. The Digimon DigiVice from the 90s is back, but now in a choice of brightly colored and texture finishes.

UVict S1 Automatic Sanitizing Contact-free Tool [Review]

Contact-free tool is cool. It prevents us from touching potentially germs and viruses covered objects like the door handles. But most – if not all – contact-free tools are only half as good. How so? These unseen enemies can get onto the contact-free tool which we may end up touching and that’s isn’t good, is […]

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94: Excellent Bass, Affordable ANC TWS Earbuds [Review]

Active Noise Cancellation in TWS earbuds is usually reserve for higher end TWS earbuds. But thanks to companies like TaoTronics, that isn’t the case anymore. But just how good is it is the brand’s first ANC TWS, the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 ANC TWS Earbuds? Well, folks, that is exactly what I am going to find […]

AusAir Pollution And Viral Filtration Mask: Comfy But Questionable Durability [Review]

Lets talk face masks. Specifically, the AusAir which was on Kickstarter earlier this year. The good news is, it delivered, albeit a little delayed. In fact, I have it for a month now and have wore it every day I head out. You may want to read this review before you commit to this mask. […]

GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker: Clear Highs And Mids, Punchy Bass And Whole Lot Of Fun [Review]

Maker GravaStar Mars is back with a new futuristic-looking speaker called Venus and today, we will put it through its paces to see just how good it is. First, lets have a look at the specs.

Behow WYPE Sweeping and Mopping Device Will Save You Loads Of Time! [Review]

Sweeping or vacuuming and mopping are two must dos if you want a truly clean floor. Up to this point, it has to be done either with the good’ol broom and dustpan, or vacuum cleaner and separate mopping device. But one company, Behow, thinks it could do better with a new kind of cleaning equipment.