SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds: Probably Not For Demanding Bass Heads [Review]

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds a few days ago. I have been using for a couple of hours each day since unboxing it, and so it is time to share with you my take of this dual-driver TWS Earbuds.

Nimble World Traveler Adapter: A Solidly Built Dream Travel Adapter [Review] [Updated 9/10]

Ten years ago, we would be happy to travel with a regular travel adapter. With the changing power requirements of newer gadgets, you can hardly do that today. I mean, you could, but would you rather put up with the inconvenience if you really don’t have to? And also, remember the one time the hotel […]

Slickwraps Matrix Skin For Huawei P20 Pro: Best Skin Thus Far [Review]

It always started out the same with any new phone. First, I would settle with regular cases which, every once in a while, I will remove to marvel at the design and slimness. Eventually, it will come to a point that I said to myself, “enough of the case already. I want it slim again!” […]

SpyFinder PRO Hidden Camera Detector Sniffs Out Hidden Cameras Effectively [Review]

Privacy is a huge concern in today’s world. In addition to be tracked (even if you specifically indicated that don’t want to be tracked), today’s folks are also being watched. It is probably OK if you are being watched in public, but what if you are also being watched in spaces where you expected to […]

With This Data Recovery Software For Windows, Nothing Is Not Recoverable

I am sure everyone has, one point in time, accidentally purged files that you want. Accidentally deleting data is not the worst; the worst part is when you only found out the lost months later and by then, you could have already reformatted your computer. I have had this experience with very important files and […]

Capturing Different Videos To Watch Later With Movavi Screen Capture Studio For Mac

When you come across a video on your Mac that you’d like to watch later, you may look for a way to save it. In some cases that may be possible, but for many online streaming videos, TV shows and other types of content – it is not. However there is a relatively easy way […]

Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

Were you aware that when your Mac’s hard drive starts to get too full it could affect the performance of your Mac as a whole – aside from also leaving you with no space to store new files? That is part of the reason why it is so important to clean your Mac regularly, so […]

Anonabox Tunneler WiFi VPN Router: VPN In Your Pocket [Review]

These days, accessing the Internet from the comfort of your own home network is no longer quite private as it used to be and this even more true if you are surfing on publicly available wireless networks. When on public wireless networks, there’s no telling if someone is snooping on your activity and you don’t […]

Anonabox Fawkes WiFi Tor Router: Internet Anonymity On-The-Go For Everyday User [Review]

As far as the Internet is concerned, no one’s privacy is safe. This is an area where a host of security solutions, both hardware and software, aim to address. Speaking of security solutions, you’d be hard pressed not to hear about Anonabox. This pocket-size, hardware solution has rolled in more funding pledge than you can […]