Emory 1959 1/2 Transitional Speedster

If you love Porsche from the bygone era – particularly those from the 50s, then you may want take a look at the Emory Motorsports’ latest creation, the 1959½ “Transitional” Speedster, a one-of-a-kind 356.

Emory 1959 1/2 Transitional Speedster

1959½ “Transitional” Speedster is more like a fusion of the company’s Outlaw and Special. The former is car restoration while the latter is unique, one-off creation.

The 1959½ “Transitional” Speedster wasn’t topless. It came into the shop as a 356 with a seriously damaged roof and so Emory Motorsports jumped on the chance to create one.

It is project for a client looking for an open top concept and a car that perfectly pays homage to the Porsche ‘Speedster’ that exists between 1954 and 1958 before it was replaced by the convertible D in 1959.

Anywho, the top was deleted and it is given a hand-formed a racing-inspired aluminum tonneau cover and headrest fairing which fit perfectly with the integral headrest hoop and cage.

The result is, as you can see, pretty astonishing.

Other restomod includes:

•   Body-hugging bumpers
•   Unusual reverse-louvered deck lid
•   Deleted handle and fuel-filler access for custom 18-gallon tank
•   Period-accurate Aquamarine Metallic paint by Little Shop of Kustoms
•   Iconic hand-painted Mobil Pegasus on the front fenders
•   Spartan interior with charcoal square-weaved carpet and Hydes red leather upholstery
•   904-style triple gauge with speedometer and tachometer
•   Black knobs and escutcheons
•   Derrington steering wheel
•   Padded headrest

But the 1959½ “Transitional” Speedster’s beauty is beyond metal sheet deep. It now has 3x more power of its original 1600cc variety – courtesy of Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine, co-developed with former Porsche GT racing crew chief Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing.

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The dry-sump, 2.4L 4-cylinder motor, which produces a healthy 205 ponies, is mated to an aluminum-case 901 4-speed transmission.

It is fed by Weber 48 IDA carburetors and features MSD ignition box paired to a bespoke twin-plug distributor and cooled by 14 quarts of engine oil in 911-style full-flow arrangement.

Rounding up the package is a handling setup comprising of 901 901-style IRS rear suspension, adjustable Koni dampers, sway bars, custom rotors and calipers, and 15×5 Tecnomagnesio wheels in satin-black powdercoat with brushed wheel hubs, wrapped in 195/65 R15 Dunlop SP 5000 tires.

It is indeed a breathtaking package, both in the looks and in the technical department. If you have a thing for classic Porsche that is still relevant today, you may want to touch base with Emory Motorsports on how you can get hands on one. Custom to your vision, of course.

All images courtesy of Emory Motorsports.