The Koenigsegg CC850 Hypercar Has Both An Automatic Transmission AND A 6-speed Manual Gearbox With Clutch Pedal

The first production of Koenigsegg, the CC8S, was delivered in 2002 which makes it 20 years old this year. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first production of Koenigsegg CC8S, the Swedish hypercar developed the Koenigsegg CC850 Megacar.

2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster: It’s Gone Before It Was Announced, Again

Are you still feeling sore about missing out on the opportunity to purchase the 2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage? Well, be prepared to get even sorer because a drop-top version was sold out ahead of release. So, yes, I am afraid the 2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster’s limited 249 units worldwide just isn’t enough …

1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (A80) Sport Roof Auction

If the fifth-generation Toyota Supra makes you want to own the fourth-generation Toyota Supra, the A80 from the 90s, even more, well then we have good news. A well-maintained 1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Sport Roof (aka Targa top) is going on the block in the upcoming Fort Lauderdale sale by RM Sotheby’s on March …

Polestar O2 Concept Electric Vehicle Has An Autonomous Car Selfie Drone

Many moons ago, Renault proposed a concept vehicle that can launch a drone to sniff out terrains and traffic conditions ahead. Years later, Jaguar Land Rover Group’s Project Hero proposed a car-deployed drone for emergency response use. Fast forward to today, another automaker is pitching a car with drone integration.

2021 Audi Skysphere Concept Changes In Length And Height In Different Drive Modes

The first of Audi’s new family of concept vehicles (here we go again!), the 2021 Audi Skysphere Concept Roadster, has a design with “the clear objective of offering its occupants captivating and world-class experiences.” Well, about that, it is more like offering people outside of the vehicle a captivating experience. I mean, seriously, just take …