18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette

Unless you are super fan of Hello Kitty, you wouldn’t have known there is a variant called Yoshikitty. Well, now you know. Yoshikitty was created 10 years ago for Japanese musician and founding member of visual rock band, X Japan,Yoshiki who wrote the Hello Kitty theme song Hello Hello which was unveiled at the first Hello Kitty Con in 2014.

18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette

In 2009, Yoshiki became the first celebrity to have its own Hello Kitty doll called, you guessed it, Yoshikitty. So, yeah, Yoshikitty is kind of real person. Anywho, Sanrio and Japan Music Agency Co., Ltd., together with X Japan, decided to celebrate 10 years of Yoshikitty with an exquisite collectible, an 18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette.

The design of Yoshikitty was similar to the famous mouth-less kitty, sporting the same whiskers, distinctive yellow oval nose and the iconic red ribbon, but with the addition of a gothic costume, purple eye shadow, and hair which is a combination of black spiky hair and long blonde lock.

18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette

The 18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette, obviously, does not have all those colors because, it is in freaking 18k gold, duh. Other than the gold, 18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette is distinctively Yoshikitty, complete in the Gothic overcoat, as wore by the man on stage, with X Japan across the back and the gothic cross necklace on the chest.

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18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette stands a minuscule 4 cm (1.57-inch) tall and weighs in at around 35g (1.23 ounces). It is specially crafted by Japan jeweler Tanaka Ginza for this occasion.

18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette

Only 100 numbered units are being offered through Tanaka Ginza’s online store as well as brick and mortar stores, with each commanding a cool 1,100,000 yen (or about US$10,150).

Each piece comes with a special dome-shape case, along with a certificate of authenticity. 18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette is available, while stock lasts, for limited time from October 11, 2019 until March 31, 2020.

Images: Tanaka Ginza.

Source: Luxury Launches.