Oura Sleep Monitoring Ring Now Boasts New Meditation Feature

Sleep monitor is not new, but have heard of meditation monitor? Yep, apparently, it is a thing. Oura, the company behind the ring form sleep monitor has just introduced a new meditation feature called Oura Moment. Oura Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking. It does so by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) […]

Apple’s Jony Ive Designed A Diamond Ring That Is Entirely Made Of Diamond

When you hear people talked about diamond ring, it is always a tiny bit of diamond with the rest of the ring made of some precious metal. That’s the norm, but it does not apply to this particular diamond ring called The (RED) Diamond Ring. Designed by Apple’s design chief Jony Ive and renowned industrial […]

Tracy Kiss Has A Necklace Pendant Made Out Of Her Labia. Yes, Really!

Internet celebrity with a sob story and former Page 3 girl, Tracy Kiss, has made headlines again and this time for making a necklaces with a pendant made from her labia. Yes. That labia. Snipped from under her belt region. Apparently, Kiss (no relation to the rock band, btw) has been suffering from pain at […]

switchBand Makes Bottle Opener Ring Cool Again, May Save Your Wrist Too

If you find yourself popping a cold one every now and then, and you also happen to be a ring-wearer, whether as a fashion statement or because you are married, then the switchBand Covert Bottle Opener Ring may tickle your fancy. Why? Because it is a ring that has a spring-loaded bottle opener hidden away. […]

Here’s How You Can Win This 50 Years Of Big Mac 18K Gold Big Mac Ring

Well, what do you know? The Grand Big Mac is not the only thing McDonald’s is bringing in to celebrate the 50 years of Big Mac. There is also a ring too. You know. A ring as in the jewelry? And it is a ring that takes after the image of, you guessed it, a […]

The Weird And Expensive Stuff You Can Buy Today Includes This $1K Tin Can

What’s silver, has shining gold inside and looks like a tin can? Well, I guess that would make it a tin can, is it not? And what if the ‘tin can’ boasts the aforementioned ‘features’, how much would you pay for it? Or would you even buy a tin can to begin with? How does […]

World’s First Beard Accessory Aims To Jazz Up Your Manly Chin Curtain

For hundreds of years, men have been keeping beard, but only in recent years there have been actual products that take care of the men’s prized facial hair. While that seem to be enough, the love is still not complete, not unless you jazz it up with jewelry. Yes. You heard me. Jewelry for beard […]

These Formal Wear Accessories are also Multi-tools, Will Make You Look Like a Suave Handyman

What do multi-tools have to do with men’s fashion? Absolutely nothing, well, that’s until now. Meet Swagger Toolbox, a 10-functional multi-tool set hidden away in men’s formal attire essentials including cufflinks, collar stays and tie clasp. Who would have thought those things could do something else other than what they are suppose to do? We […]

Forget About Diamonds, Bitcoin Ring is the Way to Go if You Wish to Showoff Your Digital Fortune

Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love that dates back thousands of years. In modern time, it is still perceived as such but more like the perfect sale pitch for merchants. Fortunately, I wasn’t dupe into, or maybe I did, but I, to the agreement of my wife, didn’t let advertisers get away with thousands […]

In 1870s, They Actually Had Ring Pistol That Shoots Tiny Bullets

Looking at the “Femme Fatale” Ring Gun that hails from the 1870s, it kind of makes us feel ashamed about today’s conceal carry. As the name implies, it is gun which was designed to worn as a ring and totally capable of unleashing seven tiny leads at unsuspecting victims (whom are likely to be men). […]