Sanrio Celebrates 10 Years Of Yoshikitty With 18 Karat Gold Yoshikitty Statuette

Unless you are super fan of Hello Kitty, you wouldn’t have known there is a variant called Yoshikitty. Well, now you know. Yoshikitty was created 10 years ago for Japanese musician and founding member of visual rock band, X Japan,Yoshiki who wrote the Hello Kitty theme song Hello Hello which was unveiled at the first […]

CASIO And Sanrio Join Forces For Special Hello Kitty Baby-G Watches

If you did not manage to grab a Valentine’s Day gift for your favorite lady in your life, the Casio Baby-G Hello Kitty Watches could be your redeeming gift. A day before Valentine’s Day, CASIO USA announced a special Hello Kitty edition Baby-G commemorative watches to celebrate the brand’s 25 years and 45 years of […]

Hello Kitty Shinkansen To Arrive On June 30, Interior Unveiled

Remember the Hello Kitty-themed Shinkansen? Well, the latest words are, it will be departing starting June 30, 2018. Back in March, we only get a glimpse of the exterior, which kind leaves fans high and dry, but last week, JR West (West Japan Railway Co.) has unveiled what the mouthless cat-themed bullet train’s interior will […]

JR West Shinkansen Will Sport Hello Kitty Design For This Summer

There is no secret that the mouthless kitty, Hello Kitty, is huge in Japan. Notwithstanding its status as a cartoon character, the pop culture icon has been seen in places outside of cartoon series and prints. Her appearance ranges from hotel to video game to even tires, and now, it is set to appear on […]

In Japan, Hello Kitty And Other Artsy Decorated Manhole Cover Are A Thing

There is nothing particularly proud to say about sewers that are part of modern city’s sanitary system, the sewerage system. While so, it is a indispensable part of our lives which we largely ignore. It is being ignored about every country, except one: Japan. Apparently, some Japan’s sewer covers, AKA manhole covers, are decorated with […]

You Can Now Roll On Hello Kitty Tires, Thanks To A Sanrio And Nexen Collab

When I first came across the Hello Kitty-themed tires, my immediate thought was, the Smart fortwo in Hello Kitty wrap could use these tires. After all, if you want to complete the look, why not go all the way? I mean, if you could wrap your tires, you probably would, but since you can’t, this […]

Hello Kitty Join Forces With PAC-MAN For Mobile Game and Merchandises

If you are a huge fan of the mouth-less Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty and also happen to love the classic arcade game, PAC-MAN, well then, Sanrio, Inc. and Bandai Namco has some good news for you. The two Japanese companies has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the super adorable pop icon and the […]

Meitu Is Selling Sailor Moon-Themed M8 With ‘Moon Stick’ Selfie Stick

You probably won’t turned into a girly middle-school Japanese student with a magical cat that bestowed her with the power to save the world under the alter-ego Sailor Moon with the Meitu Sailor Moon Pretty Warrior Edition M8 smartphone, but you sure can look the part and best of all, still make calls, text, and […]

Travel: Keio Plaza Hotel in Japan Collaborates with Sanrio to Offer Hello Kitty-themed Guest Rooms

what are the odds that readers of this blog are frequent visitors to Japan and loves Hello Kitty? we really don’t know. however, in case you are, then you might be thrilled that starting November 1st, 2014 Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo and Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be offering Hello Kitty-themed guest rooms to keep […]