Millennium Falcon. It turns out that the drive unit of the hunk of junk that made Kessel Run in 12 parsecs makes for a pretty impressive lighting. But not everyone is is capable of making the LEGO 75192 UCS Star Wars Millennium Falcon “pull the Gs” and putting out some a spectacular light show from its hyperdrive unit.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

So, for everyone else, there is this: Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp. Featuring a 1:180 scale Millennium Falcon replica on a strangely familiar desk lamp body, the Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp is fully posable (or articulated, if you will).

Its massive drive unit will help to illuminate the dark side of the your desk as it is seemingly, you know, pulling the Gs. It is USB powered and apparently, has customizable glow. The spaceship itself has pretty serious details to warrant itself as a functional collectible.

The details shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, this little guy is an officially licensed merchandise. Love the idea of having the hunk of junk’s drive unit to light up the desk, but if you ask me, the typical highly posable lamp body is kind of an anticlimax, if you know what I mean.

Anywho, If you are in the Queen’s country, you can pick up from Firebox for £49.99. For those in stateside, you can bag it from Mechoid for $84.99. Firebox also ships to the U.S., btw.

Millennium Falcon Desk Lamp

Images: Firebox.

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Source: GeekAlerts.

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