I don’t know about everyone else, but as far as drinking water goes, it has to be boiled. Period. However, not everyone fancy spending a few cents each time to use heat to kill potential bacteria and that is why there is aftermarket water filter. More often than not, these water filters, which are designed to attach to the faucet, are chunky devices and they certainly be brought along when you hit the road. This is where DrinkPure Home Water Filtration Attachment comes in.

DrinkPure Home Water Filtration Attachment For Kitchen Faucet

DrinkPure started when University of Zurich asked two engineers to improve the taste of tap water, but instead merely getting rid of odor, the duo developed a device with a state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology and self-sterilizing activated carbon that not only reduce unwanted smell, but also removes pathogens and even pesticides. In other words, DrinkPure turns piped tap water into drinkable water that won’t kill you. Well, not that drinking straight from the faucet will… in short term. I think you get the idea…

DrinkPure Home Water Filtration Attachment For Kitchen Faucet

Perhaps the most brilliant part is, this Swiss-made device is super compact. It is three times smaller than the current system offered in the market and it does not need special tools to install or remove. DrinkPure is designed to be easily attached to any standard size faucet. There’s absolutely no cumbersome, cheap plastic contraption or whatsoever. It even has a finishes (chrome, plastic, or stainless steel) that will match most kitchen faucets. Sweet.

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Furthermore, it can be easily removed and brought along when you travel, so you’d have a peace of mind that you will have safe drinking wherever there are tap water supplies. The the proprietary filter inside the flying saucer-like faucet attachment can lasts for 130-260 gallons (500-1,000 liters). This means, if you are those who rely on supermarket bottled water, well, then you’d be saving yourself some money.

DrinkPure will be taking this wonderful invention to Kickstarter in late August. If you want one, do keep a look out for starting August 31, 2017. As for the price, it is still a mystery to us.

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