You Will Not Bear To Put A Knife On This Amazing Custom Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board

What you see here is a custom Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board by Brother in Wood, aka Broinwood. Yes. It is a wooden cutting board/butcher block, and it is also a crazy work of art. Honestly, I cannot imagine whoever ordered this custom cutting board would bear to put a knife on it.

As Much As We Love To Have An Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer, It Is Not Real, Yet

I have no need for a meat tenderizer, but yet, when I came across this Firebox exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer, I immediately knew I need one in my life. Unfortunately, you and I won’t be able to tenderize meat with a snap of fingers. Even more unfortunately is, this product is not real.

This ‘Phone Wrap’ For Cooker Pot Will Turn Your Pot Into A Super Cool R2-D2 Cooker Pot

R2-D2. In the fictional galaxy far, far away, it was a beeping, screaming mobile hacker and taser. However, in this world where there’s no need to rebel against an evil Empire, it has assumed more practical roles like a pop-corn maker, a desk lamp, a mobile fridge, and even an observatory, for examples. And now, […]

Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer: The Softer Side Of Thor’s Mighty Hammer

If Marvel’s Thor decided to cook some steak, he’d probably use his trusty hammer to beat the hell out of the meat to, you know, tenderize it. Wait. No. He can’t do that. He’d smash his kitchen countertop (or Jane’s) and so, he would have this: Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer as the companion hammer […]

Soon, You Will Be Able To Make Your Faucets Do Your Bidding With Alexa

You know Alexa? Yea. Of course, you do. TBH, when Amazon first introduced Alexa, we didn’t think it will have such an impact on people’s connected life. I mean, Alexa isn’t the sole voice-activation technology, but for some reasons, it has seen widespread adoption from the basics of basics like speakers, to headphones to desk […]

Look Out Cling Wrap, UniLid Is Here To Take Your Place As Fresh Food Keeper

For nearly 70 years, households around the world look to plastic cling wrap to keep food fresh and away from nasty, invisible bacteria and we are still doing so, but why? Simply because, there are no alternatives, like maybe a lid that fits every possible shapes and sizes of containers or food. Well, that my […]

Origami Cutting Board Turns into A Colander And Strainer In A Second

Thinking of reducing your kitchen’s clutter? I know right, who wouldn’t? If that’s what you desire, you may want to start with Oriboard. Designed by French designer Yannick Hesch, this origami-like kitchenware lets you cut, collect, rinse, drain and pour the ingredients straight into the frying pan – all from a single innovative kitchen gadget. […]

This Super Compact Device Will Make Tap Water Safe For Drinking

I don’t know about everyone else, but as far as drinking water goes, it has to be boiled. Period. However, not everyone fancy spending a few cents each time to use heat to kill potential bacteria and that is why there is aftermarket water filter. More often than not, these water filters, which are designed […]

Frywall Splatter Guard Keeps Grease Where It Belongs: Within The Frypan

Frying pan, frypan, or as some would call it, skillet, is a great invention but I bet its creator (or creators) didn’t think the aftermath, i.e. the inevitable splatter of grease and oil, would be a problem for us, the future folks. When this kitchen wonder pan was invented, people probably didn’t care much, or […]

Ammo Box Knife Block Cutlery Set: Now, That’s A Military Cut !

We hate to stereotype, but you can’t deny that an object such as an ammunition box aka ammo box offers a loud, manly and rugged statement. That said, if you desire to have a kitchen that embodies those qualities, then the 10-pc Ammo Box Knife Block Cutlery Set is a good place to start. The […]