Where To Find The Best Commercial Sinks

Commercial Sinks are indispensable in the modern kitchen of a cafe, restaurant, canteen, and any other catering establishment. This professional restaurant supply is designed for washing equipment, dishes, vegetables, etc. The quality of the sink is subject to high operational requirements, among which are not the only durability, so the choice should be approached with the utmost responsibility. Stainless steel is the best-known material for sinks. Let’s consider several points that prove this statement.

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Sinks

Utility sinks made of stainless steel have already become the best option for any catering unit. According to thousands of professional kitchens around the world, such sinks are still the most demanded. Stainless steel for the manufacture of sinks was chosen for a reason. The positive properties of the alloy include:

● Acid resistance: when in contact with detergents, the alloyed steel alloy does not oxidize and does not become a source of oxidation products, which makes it safe for use in the food industry.
● Deformation resistance: despite its plasticity, which makes it easy to produce commercial sinks of various shapes and purposes with the help of high-power equipment, stainless steel retains its shape excellently during operation.
● Corrosion resistance: due to alloying components (nickel, chromium), the surface of the alloy does not lend itself to the development of corrosion, maintaining its performance and aesthetics for a long time.

In addition, stainless steel is easy to wash, clean, disinfect, which cannot be overestimated in a kitchen. You may shop all compartment sinks at the AmGoodSupply website.

Where To Find The Best Commercial Sinks

Kitchen Equipment Commercial Sinks: Classification

Structurally, there are welded and solid stainless steel sinks. Solid ones are more durable, because they do not have welds, but their price is higher than the cost of welded ones. Budget option: legs made of a corner, a container made of high-alloy steel, a frame made of painted metal. The more expensive options are made entirely of premium stainless steel.

Besides, the manufacturer presents one-section or two-section sinks. Commercial sinks can be one-section, two-section, and even three-section, which significantly increases its functionality, but at the same time affects the price. Therefore, the number of sections must be selected based on the workload and the specifics of the tasks. For small cafes, it is enough to buy a one-section sink, for a catering unit of medium-sized and large-scale enterprises, two or more sections are suitable. It is advisable to use one of the containers for washing dishes, the second for fruits, vegetables, etc. A professional sink can be supplemented with a work surface – a table, its price depends on the type of material and design.

Where To Find The Best Commercial Sinks

How To Choose The Best Utility Sinks?

When buying stainless steel sinks, you should also pay attention to the dimensions – the equipment must harmoniously fit into the food unit. The second determining factor is the thickness and grade of steel. If the walls of the sink are made of a thin sheet — 0.5 – 0.6 mm, then when filled with water, they will resonate and create unnecessary noise. The last detail is the frame where the bath is placed. As a rule, it is made of galvanized or painted metal, less often of high-alloy steel.

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