Here’s a bizarre news to start your day (or to wrap up your day, depending on where you are). There are actually two levels of bizarre here. First, how the hell one managed to “accidentally” swallow an AirPod while asleep!? And second, believe it or not, Find My iPhone actually works even when the AirPod is in your guts. Yikes. Bluetooth penetration is kinda of scary, isn’t it?

The story went that a man, identified by the family name of ‘Xu’, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan somehow accidentally swallowed one of the AirPods. At first, he didn’t know the missing wireless earbud was inside him. He only woke up to find one was missing and hence, he did what any Apple small devices owners will do, whipped out the phone and proceed to locate it with Find My iPhone app.

And then he heard it. He heard the chirp. But he couldn’t determine where the sound was coming from until it struck him that the sound was coming from inside him. It was then he realized that he may have swallowed the AirPod in his sleep. How the heck that happened? I don’t know. Perhaps, Xu was dreaming about him taking medicine or something.

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Anyways, after the revelation, the concerned (more like worried) Xu head straight to the hospital where he was given an X-ray which reveals that the AirPod was indeed resting in his digestive system. The doctor prescribed some laxatives to Xu and asked him to monitor his poop. As expected, Xu did find the AirPod in his poop. Well, that was certainly one heck of an “adventure” for this Apple user.

However, finding indigestible object the poop is perhaps not the craziest (although I still can’t wrap my head around how a person accidentally swallow anything in his/her sleep). The craziest was, how Find My iPhone app works through the stomach and even more bizarrely was, the AirPod was apparently functioning after Xu have given it a thorough wash.

Wait. He did what? Seriously, did he insert that once acid-bathed and poop-buried earbud inside his ear (to find it still working)? Honestly, if I were Xu, I wouldn’t want that shit in my ear anymore. Also, that’s precisely why I never buy pre-own or used earbuds. Because, y’know, you never know where it had been. Just saying… If you understand Chinese, there’s a news report below.

Images: YouTube (TVBS News).

Source: World of Buzz.

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