The biggest woe relating to drone technology is not quite the range, but the battery life which in turns affect the flight time. With most of today’s drones, the most you get is 30 minutes, tops. And that’s only with high-grade, so-called prosumer drones. Most common drone averages at around 20 minutes. But SKYCORP e-Drone Zero is not your common drone; it has a flight time that will make any “prosumer” drone feels a lot underwhelmed.

And it has hydrogen fuel cell technology to thank. Yes. You heard that right. That thing right there is a hydrogen-powered drone and it has just doubled its maximum flight time. It can no fly for, wait for this… two hours! That’s absolutely mental. What’s even crazier was, previously it already has an hour of flight time, just that now it is even longer.

The new found flight time is attributed by a new, ultra-lightweight gas cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders which replaces the original 1.5L cylinder, weighing a kilogram (2.2 lbs). The new AMS item is a 3L carbon composite cylinder that literally doubles the gas capacity while bumping the system weight by just 600g (1.3 lbs).

SKYCORP e-Drone Zero has a quad-rotor configuration and features a compact, custom military-grade frame, a unique, air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell modules developed by Intelligent Energy, and “managed by one of the most advanced artificial intelligence operation systems.” What’s even brilliant is, it needs no recharging or battery swap when it is low on juice; topping the hydrogen will literally take just minutes (or under 2 minutes, according to SKYCORP).

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Well that, my friends, is what drone needs.

Images: SKYCORP.

Source: dronelife.

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