Pizza Hut and KFC Self-driving Cars

While some parts of the world are trialing self-driving transportation, machinery, and self-driving grocery vehicles, Pizza Hut and KFC in Shanghai, China, are piloting a fleet of self-driving cars to serve up fast food to hungry folks roaming the streets.

Pizza Hut Self-driving Car

Deployed by Yum China Holdings, Inc., a NYSE-listed company that operates of KFC and Pizza Hut chains (among the many others) in China, the self-driving meal-on-wheels is intelligent enough to select its location based on data such as crowd density and customer order patterns.

For example, during breakfast hours, the car may locate itself near a subway station and process to office park during lunch. The self-driving cars carry a mix variety of products based on the time of day.

KFC Self-driving Car

The actual working isn’t clear. However, we know that patrons can view the food options on a transparent display window and order the desire food using their smartphones by scanning the respective QR code.

Once payment is confirmed, the door of the car will automatically open to let patron retrieve the food.

The car is outfitted with proper insulation to ensure products are kept their required temperature. It also not clear how long the pilot will last.

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The self-driving cars deployed by Yum China Holdings is reportedly developed by autonomous car maker, Neolix.

Images: Yum China Holdings, Inc..