Climate change is real and it is causing ice caps in North Pole to melt at an unprecedented rate. In a bid to make people aware of this dire situation, Monaco-based designer and artist George Lucian has penned a super yacht which christened MY Fata Morgana.

Fata Morgana, which literally translates to “mirage”, stood out immediately with its striking resemblance to an iceberg. It has a lot of straight lines and jagged like an iceberg. If not the paint job and the proposed glass structure, it may be mistaken for a stealth-capable naval warship.

George Lucian Fata Morgana Superyacht

Costing $110 million and stretching 70 meters (230 feet) long, Fata Morgana’s iceberg structure aims to raise awareness about climate change, in particular, the dire situation facing the North Pole and its newly melted water on which it will set sail.

It is a radical concept. Not just aesthetically, but also in the propulsion which Lucian proposed a secondary propulsion by the way of an enormous kite, so it could sail farther while saving on fuel.

George Lucian Fata Morgana Superyacht

It is an arctic-centric vessel, hence it will get a steel ice-classed hull to help handle the treacherous iceberg-filled arctic waters (well, not anymore, sadly) and it is designed for long distance voyages which it can do 7,000 nautical miles (equivalent to 12,964 kilometers).

Somehow, Lucian’s ambitious vessel feels a little like a research vessel – thanks in part to the onboard telescope/sky observatory, an iceberg-like glass structure with an unobstructed panoramic view of its surrounding, a helipad, and a host of sensors for monitoring the waters, including temperature and passing on the data to relevant organizations.

George Lucian Fata Morgana Superyacht

Thankfully, for the richie rich, this vessel is NOT a research vessel. It is actually a proper yacht capable of accommodating up to 12 guests, plus 18 crew members, including a pilot, scuba instructor and security staff.

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There’s an outdoor swimming pool too and of course, the observatory, for guests to take in what Mother Nature has to offer while, hopefully, pondering over what mankind has done to it.

It is an exciting concept with a calling and we certainly can’t wait to see it in flesh (or in this case, steel). Well, at least, in actual photos.

Images: George Lucian.

Source: Robb Report.

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