LuxWrap Gave This $20 Million Yacht A Golden Makeover And It Looks Fantastic

Gold has been and will always be the symbol of richness. If weren’t for the weight of real gold, I pretty sure many richie rich would love to have private jets and yachts crafted in gold. But not all hope is lost if richie rich are after the golden look on those luxury transportation because, […]

X Shore Electric Yacht Is Sustainable Luxury That Oozes With Style

Not every boat that we come across make us keep ogling over it. Yes, yes. It is true that sometime we do feature some “rather generic” boats, but not this time. This time we are completely swoon over by Swedish company X Shore’s electric yacht. I think it might just be the first time we […]

Strand Craft California Concept Yacht Has Waterfalls Onboard

Strand Craft has just tweeted an image of its latest yacht design, a 135-meter (444 feet) “superyacht” concept called California. California is a 50-crew boat designed to accommodate up to 24 guests and it is powered by a hybrid electric “azimuthing propulsion pods” good for 18 knots (which is equivalent to 33 km/h or 21 […]

Lexus’ First Luxury Yacht, The LY 650, Is Set To Be Ready In Late 2019

I bet you thought the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept was the last of seafaring vessel from Lexus. Well, the truth is, Lexus is far from over with watercraft. In fact, it is pretty pumped about putting Lexus onto the open waters. Just last month, it has unveiled a 65-foot luxury yacht called LY 650, but […]

Hinckley Dasher Lets You Party On Open Waters Silently And ‘Greenly’

There are a lot of buzz in the area of electric automobiles, but boats? Not so much and we have absolutely no idea why. Having said that, in case you are in the market for one silent, eco-friendly seafarer, then you may want to check out the Hinckley Dasher Electric Yacht. Man. Let me tell […]

Twin V8 Powered Seafaring Lexus Is Pretty But, Sadly, Won’t Be Produced

The Lexus Sport Yacht Concept you see here may not be as wild as the spacecraft the Japanese luxury automaker dreamed up for Luc Besson’s sci-fi movie, Valerian and City of a Thousand Planets, it is at least, more down to earth. Nearly two years in the development, Lexus Sport Yacht Concept is the brainchild […]

Superyacht Takes A Dive With Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts

Forget about two-man submarine. If you really want to explore the deep blue sea and marvel at the expansive ocean, Migaloo M-Series Private Submersible Yachts are your best bet. Mind you, we are not talking about some teeny weeny submarines here. We are talking about submarine that’s way larger than an Ohio class sub of […]

Pyramid-shaped Yacht Looks Like Star Destroyer Flying Above The Water

One thing we like about boats is, there’s a huge room for design freedom. Unlike aircraft which you have to adhere to certain engineering factors, thus resulting in every aircraft looking pretty much the same. Speaking of design freedom, designer Jonathan Schwinge definitely leverages on that 101 percent when he conceptualized a pyramid-shaped super yacht […]

You Can Hold a Party Onboard this Sea-faring Boeing 307 Stratoliner

Ken London, a private pilot, would have cause a stir among vintage plane collectors if what he did with a retired Boeing 307 Stratoliner was done today. So what exactly did he do? Well, he bought aviation pioneer Howard Hughes’ 307 “Flying Penthouse” in an auction for 62 bucks and sent it straight to Ft […]

Aeroboat Day-Boat Powered By Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 Engine

when you have a watercraft that looks as elegant as the Aeroboat by Claydon Reeves, it is only right that it graces a prestigious event like the Salute to Style which will be taking place at The Hurlingham Club on July 16-19. this Brit designed and built futuristic day-boat is powered by a reconditioned, fuel-injected […]