Imagine a single-aisle jetliner but as a watercraft. Now imagine a Shinkansen but waterborne. Never mind if you cannot imagine how those will two looked like because Lazzarini Design already did. From the creative minds who dreamed up a Ferrari V8-powered Fiat 500 and the adorable Water Jet Capsule comes the SeaJet.

SeaJet by Lazzarini Design is the Jet Airliner of the Sea

SeaJet is a sea-faring jetliner, or when you connect several together – which Lazzarini proposed it can do – it becomes a train on water, or as the design studio calls it the “Seakansen”. Love the wordplay there. Shinkansen, Seakansen. Get it? Get it?

SeaJet will be the perfect transportation of choice for aerophobia for commuting between locations for leisure or business.

SeaJet by Lazzarini Design is the Jet Airliner of the Sea

Capable of ferrying up to 50 passengers, this 22 meters (72 feet) long vessel is through and through inspired by aircraft design, complete with jet engines with a hydrofoil configuration that allows it to “fly” over water.

However, while so, it also has some similarities with a locomotive – thanks to the ability to connect several SeaJets like a train via the Swivel Neutral Assisted Kinetic Enforcing (S.N.A.K.E.) system that allows for synchronous movement.

SeaJet by Lazzarini Design is the Jet Airliner of the Sea

Obviously, for this “train” system to work on water, a hydrofoil system is not possible (or can it???). So, yeah, the proposed concept has two forms: hydrofoil and regular v-hull. The former, which is said to make a top speed of 69 knots, is the obvious choice for speed and comfort.

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Lazzarini Design SeaJet further features an aircraft-inspired cabin and amenities, and a transparent solar roof.

SeaJet by Lazzarini Design is the Jet Airliner of the Sea

To recap, yes, SeaJet is like an airliner, but seaborne. And if that’s the case, if there are going to be stewards and stewardesses on board this waterborne jetliner, would they be called sea stewards and sea stewardesses, or sea hosts and sea hostesses? Just curious. One thing for sure, the Captain will be referred to as Skipper. OK. Maybe not.

Images: Lazzarini Design.

via Luxury Launches.

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