Mansion Yachts Cubic Yacht

Love boating so much that you wish you could live on your beloved boat? Well, with the Mansion Yachts Cubic Yacht you can. Now. Yachts fit for living are not news. It is safe to say all superyachts are fit for living. One recent example would be the Royal Falcon One.

However, living is not an afterthought for Cubic Yacht. It is conceived from the ground up to be a mansion. A mansion on stilts, that is. It is not a floating home, because it has four hydraulic legs, each 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall, that props it up above the waterline, reminiscing that of the kelong found in the waters of S.E. Asia countries.

Mansion Yachts Cubic Yacht

I can’t decide if Cubic Yacht is a mansion first or a yacht first, but either way, we kind of dig the idea. But first thing first. Does it have internet onboard? Then again, if you can afford a superyacht, getting Internet shouldn’t be hard.

Anywho, Cubic Yacht boasts a grand 9,000 square feet of area, spread across three decks, featuring a living and dinning space for 12, a chef kitchen, a sweeping outdoor terrace, 5 State Rooms with luxury king beds and full designer baths and walk-in pantry/laundry, 800 square feet theater/game room, and a huge 2,400 square feet chill out space with lounged areas and a 7-person hot tub.

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Mansion Yachts Cubic Yacht

Power is derived from Cummins QSL turbocharged motor producing 440 horses, paired to 360 Azimuth Drive with 36-inch screw. It is also outfitted with a 360 hydraulic drive bow thruster, 4 hydraulic spuds and there is a bank of solar panels – 72 panes, to be precise – capable of generating 15 kW of electricity to supplement its 160,000 watts of battery.

This is the 84 feet model that we were talking about. It also has a 120 feet model which has an additional roof deck good for a small helicopter to land on. The design of the yacht is not swanky. If anything, it looks more like a home than a seafaring vessel. If you are keen, you can touch base with Mansion Yachts for more information.

Images: Mansion Yachts.

Source: Luxury Launches.