While we are anticipating the release of the Limited Edition 1989 Batmobile, LEGO surprises us with a LEGO UCS 1989 Batmobile. Yes. You heard that right. There’s going to be yet another UCS Batmobile! Woohoo. For the record, I am not a major Bat fan, but man, I can never resist picking up yet another LEGO Batmobile.

Photos of the LEGO 76139 UCS 1989 Batmobile pictured on the shelves of a LEGO store over at Billund Airport has surfaced. The photos were posted by one Shanghai-based LEGO fan, Instagram users (@dylanchow), on his Instagram page and they sure had me going ga-ga.

Basically, everything has been put out there. OK. Maybe not everything. We do not know how pieces are there, but it is huge alright. The photos was a little blurry, however we managed to make out that it is over 23 inches long which puts it at over half a meter. That’s a pretty big set.

We also know it will come with 3 minifigures: Michael Keaton’s Batman, Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale and Jack Nicholson’s The Joker. I guess both LEGO and DC sees that the time is ripe for the 1989 Batmobile. After all, it is the 80th anniversary of Batman and 30 years since Tim Burton’s Batman.

Based on the photos, we now know the price, which is €279.58 ($310+). Though it is not clear when it will available to the rest of the world.

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As for the smaller Limited Edition 1989 Batmobile that has been circulating online (we didn’t post about this because, we know LEGO is going to jump on us anyways), FBTB speculates that it could be a free with a purchase of a DC Super Heroes set of certain amount.

Images: Instagram (@dylanchow).

Source: FBTB.

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