Quarantine Barbie by Grandma Gets Real

Barbie have assumed multiple roles. Roles like David Bowie, Star Trek Starfleet crew, X-Files agent and more. Save for the NatGeo photographer and maybe David Bowie, those roles are as fictional as Barbie herself.

But that’s until Tonya Ruiz, aka Grandma Gets Real, created more realistic versions of the world’s famous doll. But what is realistic version without going through the pandemic as all of us is going through?

Enters the Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack. A spoof version of Barbie who is, well, going through quarantine like the rest of us.

The notion of a Barbie under quarantine is conveyed through unkempt hair and bedtime wear, and through various miniature accessories like junk food, TV, pillow, a blanket, various makeup products, et cetera. You know, basically, relatable stuff.

Ruiz has created more than one pack. She has created a series of them with different themes. You can learn more Ruiz’s latest creations HERE, or watch her Quarantine Barbies Behind The Scenes which can find after the post.

Images: YouTube (Grandma Gets Real).

Source: Neatorama.