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Artist Turns Regular Dolls Into Mind-blowing Hyperrealistic Figures

You know is it with stock action figures and dolls. They hardly resembles the person they took after. I don’t want to question why manufacturers of these expensive collectibles can’t get the facial features right. But hey, that’s probably a good thing because it leaves a void for exceedingly talented repaint artist like Philippine-born, US-based Noel Cruz a chance to unleash his talents and thus doing justice to the celebrities who the action figures/dolls took the image. How else would you turn ugly Emma Watson doll from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast into like what she supposed to be right? The works of Noel Cruz need no advertisement. The results speak for themselves. Continue reading Artist Turns Regular Dolls Into Mind-blowing Hyperrealistic Figures

Marc Jacobs “Muscle Man Marc” Doll

Marc Jacobs "Muscle Man Marc" Doll
Marc Jacobs “Muscle Man Marc” Doll | US$125.00 | www.marcjacobs.com

what do fashion designer Marc Jacobs have in common with the popular animated series, South Park? probably nothing before last November when he cameo as Eric Cartman’s “Muscle Man Marc” doll in a imaginary tea party that Cartman threw. for fans of both South Park and Marc Jacobs, here is a piece of good news: Marc Jacobs has teamed up with South Park to release a limited edition 12-inch “Muscle Man Marc” doll, which you can purchase for $125 each. limited to just 500 pieces, the “Muscle Man Marc” doll went on sale on the June 14th through Marc Jacobs Store worldwide, as well as Marc Jacobs online store. Continue reading Marc Jacobs “Muscle Man Marc” Doll