Star Wars Barbie Dolls Look More Like Barbie Ready For Fashion Show In The Galaxy Far, Far Away

I was skeptical how Barbie could ever be relevant in the modern world, but Mattel’s signature doll originally developed to empower little girls has proven that it can keep up with times. In addition to being inclusive, the iconic doll has assumed many roles, including David Bowie, Agent Mulder and Agent Scully, as the crew […]

Mattel Celebrates 50 Years Of Space Oddity With A Super Cool David Bowie Barbie Doll

The many faces Mattel’s Barbie now expand to include the late English singer-songwriter and actor David Bowie. Marking the 50 years of Bowie’s hit song Space Oddity from his second studio album released in 1969, David Bowie, Mattel has introduced a David Bowie Barbie doll.

Ukrainian Artist ‘Unbeautify’ Dolls, Repaints Them To Create Realistic Look

Somewhere in the U.S., one artist has taken upon himself to beautify, ugly, unrealistic action figures and dolls, turning them into desirable collectibles. Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, one Ukrainian artist is doing the opposite. Olga Kamenetskaya believes that dolls are unrealistic in representing the body proportion and beauty of a real person and thus, she […]

Oh, Look! X-Files’ Mulder and Scully Gets The Barbie Doll Treatment!

I am not going to lie. I am a little out of touch with Barbie dolls. I never knew Barbie is not only diverse, but it also has pop culture covered too. I though the Star Trek Barbie dolls were one-off thing. Apparently, I was wrong. Barbie dolls have a bunch of others, including Wonder […]

Dolls With Guts Spilling Out: Educational Or Simply Grotesque?

Kids play with dolls, doing things like dolling them up, do their hair, making them go to date with Ken and whatnot. Those things are absolutely normal. What is NOT normal is this: taking out organs from inside the dolls. Wait, what? Is that for real??? Well, almost. It didn’t materialized, but these bizarre take […]

You Can Now Buy A 25-inch Tall Inflatable Doll Of Yourself

You know how you can make yourself into a superhero or Stormtrooper in action figure proportion? But what if you are not a fan of either? Or 3 inches just don’t speak volume about the mighty you? Well, here’s the solution: a 25-inch inflatable figure of yourself, or whoever you want, really. Called, the […]

Artist Turns Regular Dolls Into Mind-blowing Hyperrealistic Figures

You know is it with stock action figures and dolls. They hardly resembles the person they took after. I don’t want to question why manufacturers of these expensive collectibles can’t get the facial features right. But hey, that’s probably a good thing because it leaves a void for exceedingly talented repaint artist like Philippine-born, US-based […]

Marc Jacobs “Muscle Man Marc” Doll

what do fashion designer Marc Jacobs have in common with the popular animated series, South Park? probably nothing before last November when he cameo as Eric Cartman’s “Muscle Man Marc” doll in a imaginary tea party that Cartman threw. for fans of both South Park and Marc Jacobs, here is a piece of good news…