We are a little late to the game. This one was actually launched in North America earlier this year by Panasonic at the CES 2023. Anyhoo, here goes… Panasonic has launched the nanoe X portable in-vehicle air cleaner, designed to reduce odors and combat viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens in cabin air.

Panasonic nanoe X Portable In-Vehicle Air Cleaner

If you are all about air quality and don’t happen to own these five cars that have factory-built-in HEPA air purifiers, then a portable air purifier for cars like the nanoe X is for you. Panasonic is not alone in this idea. Philips, too, is in it with its Philips GoPure GP5611. Like the GP5611, the Panasonic nanoe X Portable In-Vehicle Air Cleaner is designed to fit the cupholders found on the center console of most automobiles.

With this portable air purifier, Panasonic essentially brings its nanoe X technology to the vehicle as an in-vehicle product. Certified by CARB and UL-ETL, it operates quietly, cleaning car cabins in about two hours, and fits into most cupholders, all without the need to modify the vehicle’s air filtration system.

Panasonic nanoe X Portable In-Vehicle Air Cleaner

Though it was launched in January, we don’t find it sold anywhere online, except on Amazon Australia and a webstore called The Lighting Outlet.

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It goes for 316 bucks, which I am going to assume is Aussie dollars. If not it will be too pricey. Oh, wait. It is still super expensive when compared to the GP5611 which sells for under 100 bucks.

It’s not limited to use in an automobile; it is good for anywhere too.

Panasonic nanoe X Portable In-Vehicle Air Cleaner

Images: Panasonic [US].

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