Boatsetter A Marketplace for Boat Rentals

Airbnb is an alternative temporary accommodation solution that lets folks stay in other people’s homes when holidaying or on a business trip. It is a revolutionary concept that spurred a bunch of peer-to-peer rental businesses, including bicycles, home garages, automobiles, and even toilets. Clearly, there is room for more, including boats.

Boatsetter A Marketplace for Boat Rentals

Folks, this is Boatsetter, a marketplace for boat rentals that is pretty much the Airbnb for boats. Boatsetter is not a new kid in the Airbnb-style business, though; it was founded about 10 years ago and since then, it has proven itself to be the leader in the peer-to-peer boat rental business, picking up no less than three competitors along the way.

The concept of operation is pretty much the same. It offers a platform for boat owners to lease out their boats to people who want the experience of boating but has no boats of their own.

Boatsetter A Marketplace for Boat Rentals

It is a win-win situation, as with other Airbnb-style businesses, since boat owners can roll in some money to defray the cost of the boats (you know, dock fee, maintenance, and whatnot) that are otherwise idling at docks or storage facilities while you get to enjoy the open water on a boat of your choice without having to own one.

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According to the Miami-based peer-to-peer boat rental platform, it currently has over 50,000 boats at more than 700 locations inside and outside of the U.S. Locations in the U.S. including Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. Internationally, Boatsetter covers 270+ regions, including Barcelona, Cancún, Cannes, and Ibiza – just to name a few.

Images: Boatsetter.

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