GarageTime The AirBnB of Garage Rental

I am sure you are familiar with AirBnB. To some extend, AirBnB has revolutionized the entire temporary accommodation business and gave traditional hotels a run for their money. But do you know, the concept has been applied to garage too? Yes. You heard that right. A one-man, self-financed startup aims to solve the motoring enthusiasts who do not have a garage to work on their motor vehicles and no, it is not called AirGarage. It is called GarageTime. What GarageTime does is to provide a platform for motoring enthusiasts who do have access to a private garage to hook up with those who have garage space to space, so they can work on their cars, trucks, motorcycles, or whatever is it that they need work on without turning to professional workshops.

Just like AirBnB, prospective motoring enthusiasts can scour through the online marketplace for garage to rent out hourly or by days. On the website, you will get to see photos of the garage itself, the rate the owner is charging, payment options, and of course, the location of the garage, before deciding on the garage you desire. Similar to the temporary accommodation rental, the owners will lay out the dos and don’ts, as well as what work can be carried out within the premise. The garage owners will also list the equipment in the garage that you can use. The latter should come in handy if you don’t own any tool to carry out the repair works.

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The platform has just kicked off recently and so far, it is only available in a handful of cities, but founder Andrew Koretz hope to expands to other major cities like San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Obviously, getting it off the ground won’t be easy. For starter, there’s the liability issue to deal with and also, not all community where the garages are located are welcoming about their neighbors renting out their unused garage spaces. So, if you are in and around stateside, stays in a garage-less property and have the desire to work on your vehicle with your own hands, GarageTime might just be the answer you have been looking for. Keep going for a video that explains how it works.

via Jalopnik.