7 Handy Things To Know Before Your First Visit To Ecuador

Congratulations on your decision to visit Ecuador! It’s a beautiful place full of friendly people, amazing food, and plenty of things to do. Before you embark upon your trip, however, there are some things that you should know about the country. This way you can make a good first impression, avoid any awkward situations or …

Top Tips To Go Solo Traveling Through The Philippines

Traveling solo might be one of the scariest, but most exhilarating things you can ever do. Taking a leap into the unknown without the safety net of your friends or family is pretty tough. Yet, everybody who has ever gone solo traveling has said it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. It’s truly an eye-opening, …

Your Travel Bucket List: 4 Major Cities That You Have To Visit

Are you a city lover or a country lover? It’s a rubbish question, isn’t it? Realistically, what is stopping you from being both? Too much travel content will insist that you must visit remote islands and villages as a way to say that you have truly traveled, and while these are fun, there are also …

Things To Do On Vacation When The Weather Turns Bad

You are very lucky indeed if you go on vacation and have perfect weather every day you are away. The unfortunate fact is that we are on vacation; we do have days when the weather is either too hot, too cold, or just so miserable that you dare not go out for the sake of …

9 Tips For Starting An Online Business While Traveling

Are you a budding entrepreneur who loves to travel? Good news – you don’t have to stick to one place to start your own business. It’s not an easy ride, but if you are motivated, passionate, and creative, you can make money online while exploring the world. Follow these nine tips to help you succeed.

“UFO House” Futuro House Is Now Available On Airbnb. Alien Companions Not Included

Don’t be envious of chickens that get to dwell in an UFO. Now, you can too with Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House aka the UFO House. You may remember the Futuro from our post 10 years ago. Well, apparently, this is not the same one.

Traveling To Japan Is Like Stepping Into A Time Portal

Hollywood films have instilled different visions of what the future could look like within our minds. However, even before movies like Aliens set the stage for Earth in the year 2122, society has long tried to imagine what our future might entail. In fact, in 1909, French writer Jules Bois forecasted that someone would invent flying bicycles, allowing …

Soon, In Japan, Mobile Haunted House Will Deliver The Scare To You

Clearly, a drive-in haunted house isn’t the best of solutions with the recent surge of novel coronavirus cases in Japan. In light of this, the same team that pioneered the drive-in haunted house decided that perhaps delivery is the way to go.

Disney Imagineering Research And Development Has A Created A Real-life, Working Lightsaber

Well, it looks Hacksmith’s 4000 degrees plasma lightsaber ain’t the closest mankind will ever get to a real lightsaber because, Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development has created a real-life lightsaber that extends like we have seen it in the movies.