Custom Golden R35 Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

Some years ago at the Tokyo Auto Saloon, Japan car customizer Kuhl Racing turned heads with a striking golden 2014 Nissan GT-R (R35). It is not just any old gold-wrapped GT-R, btw. Decorating the custom wide body kitted R35 Nissan GT-R is a custom paint job that uses a so-called Metal Paint dubbed IZ Metal developed by Rohan.

Custom Golden R35 Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

Rohan is a Japanese paint specialist, led by the superstar of the custom paint job, Takahiko Izawa. As you can see, this super cool R35 is not simply painted in the special concoction of gold paint; the body is engraved all over – a feature that made the car so goldiciously awesome. If I can be honest, the IZ Metal-treated, hand-engraved golden Nissan GT-R makes regular gold wrap or paint job feels dated and mundane. OK. I admit. I am ostentatious.

Anyhoo, the custom golden R35 Nissan GT-R debuted in 2016 [JP] and was put up on sale last year, with 6,000 km (3,728 miles), on the odo in Dubai by Auto Deals for a cool $1.6 million AED (roughly US$436,000). It had an asking price of US$1 million back in 2016, so I guess it was a bargain. While it was said that it was the same car from 2016, we can’t help but to noticed it had a change of wheels when sold by Auto Deals UAE.

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According to a report [JP], the engine has been tuned to produce 820 horsepower. The gold treatment, sans the engraving, continues – albeit sparingly – into the engine as well as the interior. Other mods include an enormous floating-style rear diffuser, titanium exhaust system, swan-neck rear wing, and adjustable suspensions.

Now for some fun facts regarding this gorgeous ride. Apparently, the cost for applying the IZ Metal and the engraving alone cost a mind-blowing 30 million yen [JP] (around US$225,400).

Custom Golden R35 Nissan GT-R by Kuhl Racing

The price of the Kuhl aero kit is not included, btw – that would be another bill. Not cheap but it does not stop people from jumping on it. There is also a silver version as you may have already noticed in the featured image.

Images: Kuhl [JP].