Babe Hairy Stiletto Art Installation by Zhu Tian

So you think Fecal Matter Human Skin Stiletto is weird as hell? Well, it was and still is today but it was not alone in the name of art. Before Human Skin Stiletto, China artist Zhu Tian (朱天) designed a decidedly organic-looking pair of heels in skin tone color implanted with real human hair in a random (read: messy) manner.

Babe Hairy Stiletto Art Installation by Zhu Tian

This result in a, well, hairy mess pair of stilettos. It is an art installation. Of course, it is an art installation, not an actual fashion piece. I wouldn’t think anyone wears a pair anyways.

By emphasizing the gross appearance of the art installation, entitled “Babe” (北鼻), it expresses its mockery and ridicules of the so-called “perfect” social values in our society. It was a stab at women’s disgust for leg hair. By creating a pair of heels that most women adore as a symbol of beauty and implanting it with real human hair which most women reject, Babe successfully creates an object that is contradicting and conflicting.

Babe Hairy Stiletto Art Installation by Zhu Tian

The shoe was actually a commission by ELLE China in 2014 and according to the artist herself, she “was trying to question and play with the fetishist sexualization of high heels in a contemporary consumerist culture.”

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Whatever it is, we are sorry that you can’t unsee it. We are also sorry that you probably took years to unsee it when you saw it years ago and you have to go through the ordeal once more.

Images: Zhu Tian.