Meet Rens, The World’s First Waterproof Shoe Made From Coffee

We do know how much coffee ground waste are being generated by coffee drinkers, but if there’s a way of reducing that waste, it is a welcome news to us. Reducing coffee ground waste is exactly what this pair of kicks called Rens does. Wait. Coffee? How? Well, a Helsinki-based start up have pioneered a […]

Could This Flip-Flop And Shoe Hybrid Shoe The Future Of Footwear?

How do you decide between wearing flip-flop and shoe? Probably flip-flop for freedom and shoe if you need protection, or for walking that extra mile. What if there’s a pair of footwear that does both? Meaning it has the convenience offered by flip-flop but also has the protection of a shoe? Well, believe it or […]

Harry Potter x Vans Collection Also Includes Backpacks, Jackets and More

You heard it is coming, now meet the entire Harry Potter x Vans Collection. As it turns out, this delightful collaboration between streetwear label and the wizarding world of Harry Potter has more than just sneakers. It also includes apparel, namely outwear, and backpacks along with accessories like hats and socks. Regarding the footwear, they […]

Vans and Warner Bros. Teamed Up For Harry Potter-themed Sneakers

I never noticed what kind of footwear did the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wore, but one thing for sure is, their footwear aren’t the Vans x Harry Potter Sneakers. But Potter heads out there, on the other hand, will be able to slip into the Vans x Harry Potter Sneakers – […]

This Pair Of Oriental-Style Custom Nike Kicks Is Actually Quite Stunning

We do not know the official name of this impressive kicks. We just saw it posted by DM Custom Sneakers on its Instagram and we thought we share it with you guys because, you know, it is something we don’t see everyday. We have not seen sneakers in oriental style ourselves and so, it is […]

This Shoe Is Highly Sustainable From Upper To The Outsole

So, you drive an electric car. Has a strict recycling regiment. Overall, you try to reduce, reuse and recycle. You may think have done everything any responsible, eco-conscious human could do without sacrificing comfort. All’s good. However, there’s actually one more thing you could do: footwear. Apparently, billions of shoes were made a year and […]

Tesla Jordan 1 Elon Musk Wore Had More Attention Than Model Y

Last week, when I was watching the live stream of the unveiling of Tesla Model Y, I was looking at the cars. Certainly I have no idea to pay attention to Elon Musk. Musk is synonymous with Tesla but, still, I never thought I should bother with how he looked, what was his attire and […]

Yo! Joe! Hasbro x ASICS G.I. Joe Kicks Announced, Pre-order Starts Now

What toy maker Hasbro has to do with sneakers? And sports shoes maker ASICS has to do with G.I. Joe. Clearly, nothing for both instances. Well, that’s until now when Hasbro partnered with ASICS to launch G.I. Joe Limited Edition GEL-LYTE III Shoes. Based on ASICS GEL-LYTE III, these kicks feature cosmetics inspired by iconic […]

Wait. Is McDonald’s Poking Fun At Balenciaga Square-toe Leather Mules?

The age of Internet has progress from information/disinformation to individual trolling individual to this: business trolling another business. Case-in-point: McDonald’s Sweden French Fry Carton Shoes. McDonald’s Sweden has posted on its Instagram page two weeks ago a person wearing a pair of footwear that appears to be made from the familiar red French fry cartons.

Creepy Stiletto Is The Result When Body Modification Becomes Fashion

Think future fashion, I’d imagine something like The Island (2005, Dreamworks Pictures) where everyone dressed in uniform garments, but that’s just me. Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based art studio Fecal Matter, on the other hand, thinks future fashion will be influence by body modifications. To demonstrate their idea, the duo collaborated […]