you know Hollywood movies often portray people using couches to shield themselves against enemy fire? well, those are just bulls cos’ most firearms will just tear through the couches like papers – unless the couch in question is the CouchBunker. though the advertised bulletproof capability doesn’t come as standard – it is an option which will see the cushions being stuff with 1/4″ thick steel plate that could stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range. we are not sure if the back of the couch does provide such protection, but for now, we are going to go with ‘no’ cos’ according to its maker BedBunker, the optional bullet resistant cushions can also “serve as portable, personal shields” complete with arm straps (for holding it up), which means the non-removable couch back is likely not to have the said protection.

speaking of which, what’s the point of bulletproofing, assuming that you are going with that option, when you can’t retaliate? and hence, the CouchBunker primary feature (aside from being seated on) is a two-hour fire wall, concealed gun safe that can swallow up to forty rifles, tucked away safely behind a double lock door. man, forty rifles! that’s some awesome fire power for one family, don’t you think? the CouchBunker comes in a few limited styles and sizes to choose from, but expect no designer stuff here – it is just regular looking sofa that any family would own. for those love to rest their legs, there is also an Ottoman version – with a smaller gun safe, of course – for your taking. so if you are expecting to be a target of drive-by shooting, or house arm robbery, the CouchBunker certainly sounds like a good investment and by ‘investment’, we mean pretty penny as prices for this less-than-ordinary couch starts at a cool $6,780.

BedBunker via Luxury Launches

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