so you got yourself a mega pricey, awesome audio cans, but what’s the point if your laptop can’t power it to make your money you dropped on the headphones worth? a headphone amplifier should help to resolve that underpowered issue, but if you are going enjoy the same amped up music on the road, you will need a little assistance from the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier. about the size of a USB flash drive, the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier not only amplifies the output for clearer sound through your cans, but it also has a digital-to-audio converter (DAC) that processes the digital signal, letting you hear what the music is mean to be heard. the best part is, getting those awesome sounds only require you to plug the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier directly into your laptop’s USB port, followed by your prized audio cans into its integrated 3.5mm audio headphone jack. speaking of which, it has not one but two audio headphone jack, so you and one other friend can enjoy to the awesomeness at the same time.

additionally, the GEEK has what its maker dubbed as the 3D audio technology that creates a virtual 3D sound field, making the output music sounds more naturally. the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier is another success story on Kickstarter which has well surpassed its funding goal. though destined to retail for $299 each, you can now secure a GEEK as a Kickstarter early adopter for just $159 with estimated delivery in January 2014. however, do note that this Kickstarter backers pricing is limited to 300 units. check out the pitch video below to learn more.

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