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Auris amplify Wants To Cut The Cord Of Your Wired Headphones

If wireless headphone have not caught on with you because, you simply can’t bear to let go your wired cans, well, then the Auris amplify Wireless Headphone Amplifier with DAC is for you). Mind you, though, Auris amplify is not merely cutting the cord, but it will turn your favorite wired audio cans into a pair of hi-res Bluetooth headphones, blessing it with Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC, aptX and aptX LL, and advanced 32-bit DAC with headphone amplifier. Continue reading Auris amplify Wants To Cut The Cord Of Your Wired Headphones

Qoobi One Will Wirelessly Turn Digital Sound From Smartphone To Analog

Is wireless audio good enough quality to be considered audiophile? TBH, I am not sure. However, if you believe it is, then this first product by Holland-based startup, Qoobi Audio Innovations Company, should interest you. Called Qoobi One, it is a wireless digital to analog converter (DAC) that pulls digital music from your smartphone and massage it into high-end analog audio. Continue reading Qoobi One Will Wirelessly Turn Digital Sound From Smartphone To Analog

Portable Hi-Fi USB-DAC Shrinks Down To A New Small With The ZuperDAC-S

The last time I hit up an audiophile show, the crowd there was a prove that the demand for better sound out of mobile devices is at an all time high. Droves and droves of visitors were busy savoring every notes pumped out by audiophile grade portable music players that commands hefty dollars. But, lets face it, not everyone has top dollars to drop for these delightful pocket wonder which this is why there’s the Zorloo ZuperDAC-S Portable Hi-Fi USB-DAC. Continue reading Portable Hi-Fi USB-DAC Shrinks Down To A New Small With The ZuperDAC-S

KORG AudioGate DS-DAC USB Hi-Def Audio System

DAC or Digital to Analog Converter is a great way for better digital music, but if you are looking to take that digital music audiophile enjoyment up a notch, then you have to have both the hardware and software work together for the best possible result, and such is what the KORG AudioGate DS-DAC Hi-Def USB Audio Playback System has to offer. announced at the Consumer Electronics Show at Sin City, the KORG AudioGate DS-DAC Hi-Def USB Audio Playback System consists of KORG proprietary AudioGate 3 software and a choice of DS-DAC-100 or DS-DAC-100m hardware interface to enable audio playback on your Windows or Mac machines in the highest possible fidelity. Continue reading KORG AudioGate DS-DAC USB Hi-Def Audio System

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC

heard a lot about DAC and how your demanding sound holes can benefit from it, but lack of the desktop real estate for one? well, then you will have no more such excuse for not getting one with the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC. described as “pint-sized” by its maker, the DacMagic XS USB DAC is so called for its ridiculously small package which measures just 30 x 10 x 53.5 mm (1.2 x 0.4 x 2.1 inches) and that size, btw, is actually smaller than a regular matchbox. its high-quality 24-bit digital-to-analog converter uses asynchronous USB audio clocking that supports both USB Class 1 and USB Class 2 to output anything from regular MP3 files to high-resolution 24-bit/192KHz recordings, free from noise, jitter and distortion. Continue reading Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC

Sony PHA-2 Portable Hi-Res DAC and Amplifier

looking for well-rounded portable headphone amplifier? well, then the Sony PHA-2 Portable High Resolution DAC and Amplifier might be worthily of an investigation. the PHA-2 promised to up the ante of your on-the-go music enjoyment and it is the first portable DAC/amplifier to be compatible with virtually every high-resolution digital file format, including up to 192 kHz/24-bit PCM, as well as both DSD (2.8 MHz) and Double DSD (5.6 MHz). of course, you can also expect upgraded sound quality with your regular MP3 files, as well as music from other sources. Continue reading Sony PHA-2 Portable Hi-Res DAC and Amplifier

Sony at IFA 2013

IFA is perhaps the next biggest consumer electronics show in global scale outside of North America and needless to say, electronics makers will not pass on this golden opportunity to show off their shiny new gadgets during this prestigious event. this year’s IFA sees Japanese electronics giant Sony introducing some very drool-worthy products ranging from smartphone to imaging devices to home audio system. there are so many awesome products that we could have missed if we chose to feature them individually (though we have already highlighted some over the last few days), but we are not giving any a miss and so, we decided that it is only fitting that we list them out here so that you will be in the know. all of them are worthy products that no tech enthusiasts should look past. so without further adieu, hit the jump for the some Sony gadget galore aka Sony at IFA 2013. Continue reading Sony at IFA 2013

GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier

so you got yourself a mega pricey, awesome audio cans, but what’s the point if your laptop can’t power it to make your money you dropped on the headphones worth? a headphone amplifier should help to resolve that underpowered issue, but if you are going enjoy the same amped up music on the road, you will need a little assistance from the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier. about the size of a USB flash drive, the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier not only amplifies the output for clearer sound through your cans, but it also has a digital-to-audio converter (DAC) that processes the digital signal, letting you hear what the music is mean to be heard. the best part is, getting those awesome sounds only require you to plug the GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier directly into your laptop’s USB port, followed by your prized audio cans into its integrated 3.5mm audio headphone jack. speaking of which, it has not one but two audio headphone jack, so you and one other friend can enjoy to the awesomeness at the same time. Continue reading GEEK USB Headphone Amplifier

Meridian Director DAC

with digital music being the mainstay for today’s default medium, it is only logical that you would want to get the most out of it. the traditional audio jack is great, but with the device like the Meridian Director DAC (digital-to-analog converter), you would be squeezing the best audio quality possible out of whatever equipment – media players, CD players, computers – you name it. following the tradition of Meridian, the Director DAC is also handmade in the UK and provides a bridge between your digital sources and conventional analog audio system. input your sources through its USB or the Optical and Coax S/PDIF connections and it will spit out up to 24bit/192kHz conversion for your enjoyment. Continue reading Meridian Director DAC

NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Android users who are looking to up their ante in the audio department can finally rejoice. the latest incarnation of the NuForce Icon amplifier, the NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier, now delivers the latest in mobile device connectivity by supporting USB audio for Android devices – though it is worthy to note that only devices on Android 4.1.1 and above, and with OTG will be supported. as the model name implies, this new Icon is both a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and a headphone amplifier, and it can also be used as a pre-amp. features include analog RCA and digital coaxial output, a 6.3mm headphone output jack, RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs, USB input, DAC sampling rates up to 96kHz, 32 bits resolution and direct-stream digital (DSD) decoding, and for headphones-based audiophiles, you’d be glad to know that it is capable of driving 600-ohm headphones, which means the audio cans amplification department is totally covered – even if you have the highest end audio cans. Continue reading NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier