Nearly four decades since its founding, THX, has finally released the company’s first consumer electronics, a portable amplifier and DAC for headphones called THX Onyx.

THX Onyx Portable Amplifier and DAC

THX Onyx from the world renowned high-fidelity audio/visual certification company features advanced THX AAA technology that promised to delivery power high-fidelity music, movie and gaming audio when listening over headphones.

With THX AAA amplifier technology, it ensure lossless and pure sound just as the artists, audio designers have intended.

THX Onyx Portable Amplifier and DAC

Alongside the THX AAA-78, the highest-powered mobile THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier configuration, are ESS Pro DAC chips and support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, making this handy device the best-in-class portable Amplifier/DAC solution for wireless headphones and at a pretty attractive price point.

In fact, it is not just good for audio cans; it will do wired headsets, earbuds and even desktop speakers good too. THX said that the THX AAA-78 has the same power as a desktop THX AAA DAC/Amp.

THX Onyx Portable Amplifier and DAC

THX Onyx is good for enhancing music, movies, streaming as well as games.

It is an inline device that connects to USB output port of any device and it further boasts a smart magnetic cable management to keep headphone wires tangle-free when on the road.

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If you are down, you can find the THX Onyx Portable Amplifier and DAC being sold on for US$199.99. If you happen to be in China, it will be available on and

THX Onyx Portable Amplifier and DAC

Images: THX/Razer.

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