Here’s something style and space-conscious musicians will dig. Called Guitar Canvas, it is a stereo wall-mountable guitar amplifier, which by itself, is something that’s rather intriguing. Imagine a guitar amp that won’t clutter your valuable real estate when not in use. It is low profile, so it goes onto the wall like a beautiful art and if that isn’t enough, it also serves as a display for your favorite string instrument too. You know what I think? I think it could very well be the best of both worlds. Art and music, come together one with a dose of practicality.

On the topic of practicality… while it not only serves as a guitar amp; it also connects to bass guitars, keyboards, electronic drums – basically, any musical instrument that supports external amplification. Beyond that, it is also wireless speaker, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone and tablet. And it is totally comfortable with hooking with microphones and even smartwatches too. Multiple Guitar Canvas can be synced together, so you buds can jam together for up to 12 hours straight by the power of a 12V rechargeable battery.

Other noteworthy mentions Include 100-200 watts of stereo sound, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, slide-out removable pedal board, compatibility with pedal board via wired or wireless route, and dedicated strap, so it can go beyond your home to wherever your may be heading. Guitar Canvas On-the-Wall Wireless Guitar Speaker & Display sure sounds like a wonderful proposition, except for one thing: it can only be a reality if enough like-minded folks back it up on Kickstarter.

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It is not too far away from its modest funding goal, though, so if you would like this awesome concept become a reality, you can make a pledge of $189 or more to secure a unit for January delivery. But that, of course, is dependent on the outcome of the funding which ends in 12 days or so. Go check it out. Before that, you may want to check its very rad pitch video below.

Image: Guitar Canvas.

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