One of human greatest trade (or not) is the ability to imitate. Just look around you. Don’t everything you see today, from automobile to motorcycle to smartphone, looks pretty much the same? Just look at motorcycles. There’s nothing radical from bikes to bikes. While they appeared to be different due to some design tweaks, they are very much the same. The full tank is always up front, most will have fairing, and nearly similar frame and swing arms. In short, they are actually based on the same design we saw since the beginning of the history of motorcycles.

Custom Majestic Tourisme Grand Sport by Heroes Motors

However, along the way, they are some ‘crazy ones’. You know, the square pegs and round holes, that defied the design convention of their time. The Majestic from the 1930s was one of those odd ball design that challenged the convention. Put it on today’s roads, it’d still be the odd ball of motorcycle. One look and you will understand why. Not many of these French made machines are on the roads today, but here’s one lovingly restored by L.A.-based Heroes Motors that is sure to rekindle the nostalgia emotions. We shall go into details about its origin.

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Instead, we shall let some beautiful images do the talking. You can find more details and images at our favorite custom motorcycle blog, BIKEEXIF. Enjoy! And oh, to all motorcycle lovers, do try to keep your pants dry when you are at it, will ya?

Custom Majestic Tourisme Grand Sport by Heroes Motors

Custom Majestic Tourisme Grand Sport by Heroes Motors

Images: Heroes Motors.


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