BMW R18 Magnifica Motorcycle By Radikal Chopper For Officine Riunite Milanesi

The BMW R18 has to be one of the most “customized” BMW motorcycles in recent times. Here’s another custom R18 to add to that. Dubbed R18 Magnifica, it was a commission by Raffaello Polchi of Officine Riunite Milanesi and customized by Radikal Chopper.

Meet Three Brilliant BMW R 18 Custom Motorcycles From Canada

BMW Motorrad just can’t get enough of people giving its new BMW R 18 motorcycle a makeover. This time around, the motorcycle customizers up north in Canada were given the opportunity to weave their magic on the new BMW R 18 motorcycle.

Bandit9 The Supermarine’s Super Sleek Curve Is Inspired By Leaping Mobula Rays

After introducing to us striking concepts like the EVE, L.Concept, Daryl Villanueva’s Bandit9 has officially unveiled its latest offering and second Bandit9 money can buy: The Supermarine.

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter: Motocompo Style Bike That Would Fit Right Into Tokyo-3

Given how we admire what Katalis did with electric bike, we felt the need to feature its latest creation: Spacebar. The Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter is unlike Katalis Company’s previous creations, the EV.500 and EV-1K. The former was about retro-style sophistication while the latter inclined more towards the anime vibe.

This Custom Motorcycle Looks Like A Mashup Of A Steamliner And Iron Man

When first laid my eyes on this concept bike by U.K. custom motorcycle maker, Ziggymoto, the first thought was, “this thing look absolutely like a steamliner and it needs a railway track!” which for some reason, reminds me of Wilford’s Dreamliner.

“Hamster” Is A Tiny All-Terrain Motorcycle With Snowmobile Track For Wheels

If there is a country that has better understanding of off-roading, it would be Russia. If you search on our blog for “Russian ATV”, you will find a number of incredible all-terrain vehicles, including our all-time favorite, a motorcycle that floats called Taurus 2×2.

Katalis x 56 EV-1K Is An Electric Bike That Oozes With Anime Vibe

Now that we think of the Katalis EV.500 does have some Honda Motocompo vibe in it, except that it isn’t foldable. Speaking of Katalis, here’s a new one from them, but this time, it is a collaborative bike with Indonesia brand, Machine 56, a streetwear label.

Meet The Custom Suzuki GSX-R750 Known As “Neo-Tokyo” By Michel Szozda

Every now and then, we come across a custom bike that make us steal a few more looks. This custom Suzuki GSX-R750 “Neo-Tokyo” is one such bike. And yes, it was based on an old GSR-R750.

Nmoto Golden Age Kit Will Turn BMW C400X Into A Classy, Retro-style Scooter

Lets face it. Scooters aren’t the prettiest transportation on Earth. At least not until they started looking like the BMW Motorrad Definition CE-04. However, there is good news. If you ride a BMW C400X, hope of it actually look stunning is on the horizon.