Someone Turned A Honda CBR Into A Split Wheel Motorcycle

Remember The Q’s custom bike with a split rear wheel? Well, someone did the same with a motorcycle. I know right. It sounds almost too crazy and it is but the folks over at YouTube channel Bikes and Beards did it. With the belief that anything a bicycle can do, it can be done with …

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter: Motocompo Style Bike That Would Fit Right Into Tokyo-3

Given how we admire what Katalis did with electric bike, we felt the need to feature its latest creation: Spacebar. The Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter is unlike Katalis Company’s previous creations, the EV.500 and EV-1K. The former was about retro-style sophistication while the latter inclined more towards the anime vibe.