Customizer Dirk Oehlerking Created This Stunning R18 Custom Bike To Mark 100 Years Of BMW Motorrad

We have seen quite a number of custom BMW R18s but none quite like this R18 custom bike dubbed The Crown by customizer Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom. While custom R18s like Kingston Custom’s Spirit of Passion and Radikal Chopper’s Magnifica are no doubt radical, they still look like down-to-earth two-wheelers. Not the BMW R18 …

Someone Turned A Honda CBR Into A Split Wheel Motorcycle

Remember The Q’s custom bike with a split rear wheel? Well, someone did the same with a motorcycle. I know right. It sounds almost too crazy and it is but the folks over at YouTube channel Bikes and Beards did it. With the belief that anything a bicycle can do, it can be done with …

Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter: Motocompo Style Bike That Would Fit Right Into Tokyo-3

Given how we admire what Katalis did with electric bike, we felt the need to feature its latest creation: Spacebar. The Katalis Spacebar 1.2K Electric Scooter is unlike Katalis Company’s previous creations, the EV.500 and EV-1K. The former was about retro-style sophistication while the latter inclined more towards the anime vibe.

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