Remember the adorable yet rugged-looking monotrack all-terrain motorcycle called “Hamster“? Well, the YouTube channel Make It Extreme Shorts put together something similar but instead of a snowmobile track, it uses a car tire for the “track”.

A Monotrack Motorcycle by Make It Extreme Shorts Video

The side walls of a regular car tire were removed so the tire becomes a belt which then can be shaped to the intended monotrack design. The monotrack bike is outfitted with four coilover suspensions and it looks like it even has a track tensioner too.

The amount of engineering and work that went into creating the monotrack bike can not be overstated. It is an amazing work of (engineering) art and craftsmanship. However, I do question the reliability of the grip between the driving drum and the inside of the tire.

A Monotrack Motorcycle by Make It Extreme Shorts Video

While the video proved that the monotrack bike worked as intended, we suspect that the rubber belt aka the track may slip when pushed beyond certain torque.

You can witness the entire build in the video embedded. Trust me, it is worth the 18 minutes and 29 seconds of your life. Besides, the build process is strangely therapeutic to watch.

Images: YouTube (Make It Extreme Shorts).

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