Wooden Tesla Cybertruck for Elon Musk by ND - Woodworking Art

Vietnam-based woodworking YouTuber ND – Woodworking Art is best known for recreating kiddie ride versions of supercars like the Lamborghini Sian using wood. That was a couple of years ago. It does more than that now. He has progressed to building larger-scale wood versions of luxury automobiles, motorcycles, and tanks. Yes, even tanks. But we are not here about wooden tanks; we are here because this talented woodworking dude has built a wooden Tesla Cybertruck using just 100 days.

Wooden Tesla Cybertruck for Elon Musk by ND - Woodworking Art

As before, the wooden body is built around a steel frame and powered by an electric drivetrain. Oh, it even has a large touch screen too. I don’t believe you can control the truck’s features and functions via the touch screen. Anyhoo, the slightly smaller version of the soon-to-be-available Cybertruck comes complete with a retractable rear ramp that would allow the Cyberquad to be loaded and unloaded. Oh, that’s right. Last month the man also built a wooden version of the Cyberquad. Now, I am even more impressed.

Considering how ND – Woodworking Art had crafted super complex car bodies out of wood on many occasions previously, the straightforward geometrical form of the Cybertruck should not pose any major challenge to this woodworking veteran.

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Wooden Tesla Cybertruck for Elon Musk by ND - Woodworking Art

Now that the wooden Cybetruck is completed, ND – Woodworking Art hopes he can gift it to Elon Musk and Tesla. He had asked his fans and followers to help relay his intention to Musk and Tesla. And guess what? It looks like Elon has responded with appreciation.

ND – Woodworking Art isn’t the first to recreate the Cybertruck before Tesla did. Many have done it before but somehow a wooden version looks strangely cool. Skip ahead for a video of the build process.

Images: YouTube (ND – Woodworking Art).