Garage 54 UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck Completed

Remember we posted about how those crazy Russian car builders have hatched a plan to make a Tesla Cybertruck replica out of a UAZ? Well, it is done now and as far as video is concerned, it is looking pretty convincing.

The proportion looks just about right, except for a few differences like a non-functioning bed and obviously, it is gas-powered; not electric drive. From afar it does look like the prototype media got to ride in.

Garage 54 UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck Completed

We appreciate the car builders’ attention detail to the wheels which also look like the set from the prototype. And no, sadly, Garage 54 didn’t replica the broken windows to complete the look.

We wonder what Elon Musk thinks of this creation. Here, have a look at the first-drive of the Garage 54’s UAZ-based Tesla Cybertruck replica:

Images: YouTube (Garage 54).