Some sci-fi has shown us that how a tiny device can propel humans underwater. Well, you know what? That isn’t a thing of science fiction; it is real and it is the Scubajet.

Scubajet Compact Water Jet System

Scubajet is not just another underwater scooter. It is a water jet system that fits in your backpack, is air travel-friendly, and totally scalable, depending on your need.

Like the Sublue WhiteShark Tini, Scubajet can serve as an underwater scooter or be adapted to propel a small, personal watercraft like a kayak or a standup paddleboard.

Scubajet Compact Water Jet System

What makes Scubajet so special is its modularity. It features interchangeable tubes that can be sized up or down to meet your needs.

Scubajet is configurable, much like buying a computer or a car, starting with the choice of motor, which you can choose between a 500W item (Neo) or a 1000W item (Pro/Pro XR).

Scubajet Compact Water Jet System

The battery is configurable too, allowing you to choose only a 100 Wh smart battery, which offers up to 56 minutes of operation, or stack up to 4x 100 Wh smart batteries for up to 216 minutes of runtime.

For the Pro/Pro XR, it is offered with a choice of a 200 Wh and a 400 Wh high-density battery to keep the length down. The battery is related to the tube which determines how many batteries you can pack inside the Scubajet.

Scubajet Compact Water Jet System

And then there is the nose cone which you can opt for the stand no LED nose, or 500 lumens or 1,500 lumens LED light.

Finally, you get to choose the controllers which has a choice go dual hand controller to use as an underwater scooter or the remote control bundle for use with a SUP or a kayak. If you are looking at the latter, you will be needing the optional universal rudder adapter too.

Scubajet Compact Water Jet System

Anywho, it does not come cheap whether or not you want all or some of the options. At the bare minimum, you are looking at €1.020 (or about US$1,171). But damn, it looks like a ton of fun!

Images: Scubajet.

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