Custom Suzuki GSX-R750 by Michel Szozda

Every now and then, we come across a custom bike that make us steal a few more looks. This custom Suzuki GSX-R750 “Neo-Tokyo” is one such bike. And yes, it was based on an old GSR-R750.

Custom Suzuki GSX-R750 by Michel Szozda

What made this custom bike by Michel Szozda of Netherlands-based Cool Kid Customs special is, it didn’t happen like most custom motorcycles. Meaning, it was not planned and it didn’t happen in weeks.

It was a result of, how do you say? An on-going process? The bike is Szozda’s own daily driver and it was picked up as a pre-owned ride. Anyways, long story short, he did what bike lovers working on custom bike shops would do, he keep working on it until what you see here.

Custom Suzuki GSX-R750 by Michel Szozda

The final product is one that has little of the original. The engine was ditched for a second-gen GSX-R750 unit and the entire front end was from a later year GSX-R750, for examples.

But really, how it performs it not the main point here. The main point here is, damn, this ride is hot! I mean, seriously, just at this work of art.

Custom Suzuki GSX-R750 by Michel Szozda

Some other notables include Mikuni BST36 Slingshot carburetors, Tovami jet/needle kit, Slingy manifolds, Mass Moto muffler, six-pod Tokyo calipers, Yoshimura seat unit, new subframe, Daytona ‘Digital Navel’ speedo/tachometer, and a completely rewired electric system.

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It is not for sale, though. However, you can ogle at more awesome images and read about the detail of the built over at BIKEEXIF.

Images: Duy Vu Dinh via BIKEEXIF.